Machine Learning

Equip your business to extract meaningful insights from your data to help springboard it to the next level. As a top Machine Learning Service Provider, our machine learning experts bring their advanced expertise in Artificial Intelligence to the table to help organizations build innovative software that combine complex statistical methods with the latest technology available. Benefit from the application of machine learning in this aggressive technological landscape and hold on to that competitive edge a while longer.


Machine Learning Services

Rolustech provides a number of different machine learning services to help businesses get the most out of their data. Leveraging a set of artificial intelligence techniques, we position your systems to learn from data directly without the need for human interference. Our Machine Learning tools help your system learn independently from the data available, so that it adapts to different situations by identifying data patterns, and improves with time to meet predefined objectives.

Rolustech is a recognized Machine Learning Service Provider and has helped a number of different industry verticals with Artificial Intelligence using specific Machine Learning Models that maximize their business potential. We have helped companies in numerous industries, including retail, healthcare, real estate, and manufacturing.

Machine Learning Development Process

Rolustech offers tailor made machine learning applications that help you maximize your business potential and ROI. By bringing modern machine learning tools to you, we help build innovative tools and products that learn, adapt, and improve with time. Here is how we approach our Machine Learning Development:

1 – Understanding Your Use Case

The first step in our Machine Learning Development is to understand your business requirements and to see if Machine Learning can help you achieve your goal. Together we evaluate the limitations and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence to figure out how Machine Learning can be used to optimize your business processes.

2 – Machine Learning Demo

After understanding your use case, we develop a prototype of the functionality that you aim to achieve to test its usability. This is also known as a proof-of-concept demo to give you the confidence that your AI investment will reap the benefits that you need.

3 – Layout the Machine Learning Development

At this stage, we will begin working on your machine learning system. Having carefully understood your use case, we finalize the algorithm requirements and set milestones to gauge the effectiveness of the process. We also work closely with your team to optimize and tailor the system to your exact business needs.

4 – Extensive Security Checks

Data is at the heart of all that is Artificial Intelligence. We handle your sensitive information with great care and perform rigorous security checks to ensure that your system is foolproof as it awaits its launch.

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Q. What are some Machine Learning Examples?

Image and speech recognition, Learning associations between products, and prediction systems are all examples of Machine Learning. Industries such as Healthcare, Retail, and Transportation have been using Machine Learning algorithms for the optimization of their services.


Q. What if my business requires more than one Machine Learning Algorithm?

In that case, you can make use of an Ensemble Learning method that makes use of more than one Machine Learning algorithm.


Q. What are some use-case scenarios for Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

NLP works to organize unstructured data to perform automated tasks. Sentiment Analysis, Chatbots, and Virtual Assistants are all examples of NLP in practical use.


Q. In what ways machine learning can be helpful for my business? 

There are various ways in which Machine Learning can be beneficial for your business. These are some basic things that Machine Learning can do for your business, elimination of manual data entry, image recognition, product recommendations, spam detection, customer segmentation, and maintenance.


Q. Is it necessary to have big database in order to implement machine learning in a business?  

No, Machine learning is not only for large businesses or businesses that have huge database. It also can be implemented in small scale businesses which do not have a big database.

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