10 Reasons to Pick RT Salesmap for SugarCRM

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What if someone told you RT Salesmap can enable the visual representation of your records, created in Accounts, Leads, and Contact modules. Would you believe it?

A SugarCRM plugin, RT Salesmap can track and locate your SugarCRM records on Google Maps. This visualization and the mapping insights into your SugarCRM records can improve your productivity and performance all at once.

Sounds too good to be true? Here is how RT Salesmap accomplishes this!

It brings Google’s powerful web browser mapping software right on your local SugarCRM to enable the visual representation of records. That’s not all! Here are 10 incredible RT Salesmap features that can boost the productivity of your SugarCRM.

Let’s take a look at each one of them!

Displays SugarCRM’s Records in Google Maps

RT Salesmap picks records from the three modules i.e. Accounts, Contacts, and Leads and displays them in Google Maps. The positioning of the results is determined by the addresses associated with the SugarCRM records.

Record Segmentation

It divides the records using three different colors for the user’s convenience. Each color represents a different category:

  • Green colored pins represent Contacts
  • Red colored pins stand for Accounts
  • Blue pins are for Leads

Route Planner

RT Salesmap is a route planner for your sales team. It integrates the GPS service to help you find the best route from the source to the destination. The source is the address of the logged in user. By clicking on the directions window, you see two pins, one at the source point and the other at the destination. RT Salesmap shows all possible routes between the given locations.

Address Validation

Sometimes, you may find dummy addresses recorded in your system. RT Salesmap helps you bypass this issue. It keeps a record of geocoded and non-geocoded addresses. Geocoded addresses represent valid addresses with defined latitude and longitude coordinates. Non-Geocoded records, on the other hand, are the invalid addresses with no latitude and longitude coordinates whatsoever. You can view how many valid and invalid records are showing in your system through RT Salesmap.

View Record Details

Want to view the details of your selected records on RT Salesmap? The plugin has an option that opens a popup showing the name of the record when a pin is clicked. The popup window then redirects the user to the detailed view of that particular record.

Provides Radial Search

Radial Search is an incredible feature that helps in narrowing down searches. This is available with RT Salesmap. With this feature, all the accounts, leads, and contacts within the specified radius are highlighted on Google Maps, and decisions regarding geographical areas can be made accordingly. Radial search allows you to locate nearby leads, accounts or contacts attached to a particular record. It comes in both Kilometers (KM) and Miles to facilitate both European and US users.
Radial searches are beneficial when planning multiple visits and creating a target list for territory-specific campaigns, promotions or deals.

Enables Module Level Search

RT Salesmap facilitates its Sugar users to specify the search. It enlists all the three mentioned modules and enables the user to locate and search for leads, contacts, and accounts. The search can be performed using a combination of Sugar’s built-in filters and user’s custom fields, targeting any of the three modules.

Retains Search

Another advantage of RT Salesmap is the retain search feature. This feature helps the users save their last search results until deleted from the system by the users themselves. Additionally, the user can save multiple filters with selected fields to search against different modules. This saves time and improves the speed of the search being performed.

Customizes Search

RT Salesmap limits the number of results to customize the search. It shows one page that can cater to 1000 geocoded records. In case the number of records exceeds 1000, a popup will appear asking the user to filter their search.

Optimizes Search

The users can optimize their searches against multiple filters. One filter is the postal code. If the user is looking for a specific Postal Code and Sugar contains thousands of records against it, then the user can fetch all those records on the Map. Using the RT Salesmap settings, the user can include or exclude any field – Leads, Contacts or Accounts. This way, the users can customize their maps according to their requirements.

This isn’t all, you can also boost the productivity of your sales team with our free SugarCRM plugin, RT StikiNotes, so they can take notes inside Sugar and easily share them without the hassle of juggling multiple applications.

So, are you ready to utilize RT plugins to take your business to the next-level?

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