10 Steps to Choosing Right CRM



Success and failure both are dependent on good and bad decisions respectively. A good decision can take you to the limits of success whereas the wrong one can land you in the depth of failure.  Likewise, choosing right CRM for your business can reap all flavors of success and the wrong selection can result in wastage of capital, effort and time.

Nobody makes the wrong decision for his business advisedly. It is the ignorance or little effort put in deciding process that results in harsh upshots such business loss, CRM failure etc. To help you cope with this ignorance issue, I have put together all the 10 essential steps, involved in choosing the right CRM solution for one’s business. These steps are:

1.  Define your Business and Functional Requirements.
2.  Look for available options that best fit with your requirements
3.  Evaluate the options.
4.  On the basis of evaluation results, select best CRM software.
5.  Make a list of CRM vendors, offering your preferred product.
6.  Evaluate CRM vendor through its presentation and demonstration.
7.  Negotiate with your preferred CRM vendor.
8.  Discuss optimal purchase scenario and favorable terms involved.
9.  Ask all possible questions and clarify every ambiguity.
10. Make your purchase decision.

Before that you purchase your CRM solution, make sure you follow the complete process to make an intelligent selection.

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