3 CRM Predictions for 2016

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The role of CRM is continuously on the rise for many businesses around the world. Armed with the latest analytics, automation, and accessibility, CRM platforms have become quite a powerful tool for organizations.

As we move forward, more companies will make the smart choice of using CRM because it helps to build profitable relationships by maximizing the effectiveness of customer interactions. Here are three CRM predictions that we think we’ll see in 2016.

Mobile CRM will be big

Mobile CRM has already taken the world by storm. In the coming year, organizations will rely even more on mobile CRM to stay connected with their customers. From accessing tasks to making calls, mobile apps allow you to interact with your customers from any place. With the help of a mobile app, salespeople can stay up-to-date on customers’ preferences and behaviors in real-time. Not only does a mobile CRM give valuable insights into the customers, but it also plays a significant factor in advancing business goals and targets – hence, bringing more value to the business.

Integrations will make all the difference

With the advancement in technology, CRM has matured to the point that it has a multi-tiered support system now. This year organizations will integrate seamlessly with eCommerce platforms to bridge the gap between their sales and marketing department. With Sugar, users can easily make any number of customization or integrations that are deemed fit for their business. Many innovative organizations have already embraced the potential of such plug-ins by building all-in-one software platforms that truly cater to the needs of sales and marketing together.

Data protection is more and more important now

Gathering and storing good quality data is now a critical business activity. However, this also calls for more data protection and security. In the coming year, businesses will only trust those CRM vendors that provide extra security to the critical customer data of the companies. Sugar already takes a holistic, layered and systematic approach in safeguarding crucial customer data and information. It offers the option to deploy the technology on-premise, as well as in hosted and hybrid configurations, flexing to meet the broadest range of security and regulatory requirements for the customers. To be on the safe side, make sure that your CRM vendors provide fool-proof security to your valuable customer data.

These are just a few of the areas that I predict will evolve in the coming year. Do you have a prediction of your own? We’d love to hear it. Please post in the comments section below.

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