4 Simple Ways to Create Meetings in SugarCRM


Meetings are important factors for every business and mandatory to be attended once scheduled. Hence, SugarCRM caters to the meetings with enabling users to schedule meetings and sending meeting invite through SugarCRM’s interface. It also comprises efficient notification system that sends popup alerts just before the meeting. There are several ways to create meetings in SugarCRM such as through the Meetings module, Calendar, Quick Create and Import etc. To get through the guideline, see the methods given blow:

1.      Through Meeting Module:

The method for assessing meeting module may differ as per your set preferences but usually it can be accessed from the main menu on the toolbar. If it is not visible on the toolbar, simply click on the drop-down button placed before search bar and select “Meetings” from the list.

  1. Click on “Create” soft button.
  2. New window will crop-up.
  3. Fill every required information especially the fields marked by a red asterisk.
  4. If you wish to send invites to the attendants, check the box placed before “Email all invitees”.
  5. To set reminder for the invitees, check “Popup” and set time for the alert through drop down.
  6. If the meeting is scheduled for some other person, you can assign it through “Assigned to” option in SugarCRM.
  7. Add team members.
  8. Click “Save” if you aspire to save meeting record without sending invites, else click on the “Save and Send Invites” soft button and you are done.

2.      Through Calendar:

Another nice way to create meeting is through calendar module.

  1. Go to “Calendar Module”.
  2. Select the time slot you want to schedule meeting in.
  3. Your click in the slot will open a popup window.
  4. Choose “Schedule Meeting” radio button (if not selected by default).
  5. Enter required fields.
  6. If you want to add more information, click “Full Form” button”
  7. You can send invites via “Invitees” tab.
  8. If the meeting occurs regularly after certain time interval, you can mark it as recurrent so that you don’t have to schedule meeting again and again. Just move to the “Recurrence” tab and set the frequency of meeting with the time interval.
  9. Choose any of the options between “Save” and “Save and Send Invites” depending upon your preferences.

3.      Through Quick Create:

The easiest way to create a record in SugarCRM is the “Quick Create” button.

  1. Click on the Quick Create (+) soft button available on the top right corner of SugarCRM’s toolbar.
  2. Select “Schedule Meeting” option from the list.
  3. Enter required the information.
  4. Select any of the options between “Save” and “Send and Save Invites”
  5. The list of all attendees can be seen under “Scheduling” section on the same page.

4.      Through Import:

If you have already created meeting, you can import it to your Sugar calendar. To achieve this:

  1. Go to “Meetings” tab.
  2. Click on the drop-down soft button place next to “Meetings” tab.
  3. Select “Import Meetings” option.
  4. Browse the import file using “Choose File” button from your system. (The file extension should be .csv).
  5. Choose “Create new records only”.
  6. Hit “Next” soft button.
  7. Affirm the import file properties.
  8. Click “Next” button.
  9. Confirm the field mappings for the import.
  10. Click “Import Now” button.
  11. It will take you to View “Import Results” page.
  12. Successfully imported records will show up under Meetings tab.
  13. Duplicates will appear in “Duplicate” tab.
  14. Errors tab will comprise all records that could not be imported due to some error.
  15. Your imported records can also be seen in the calendar view, dashlets, list View, detail view, and reports.

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