4 Ways to Create Lead in SugarCRM


SugarCRM Lead

In SugarCRM Lead  you can create leads in four different ways which are:

1.     From Leads Module Tab:

  • Go to leads module.
  • Click on “Create Lead” soft button.
  • Enter required information in the mandatory fields.
  • Click “Save” soft button.

2.     From Quick View:

  • Click on the drop down button placed next to “Quick View”.
  • Select “Create Lead” from dropdown options.
  • Type in required information in the mandatory fields marked with red asterisk.
  • Click on “Save” button.

3.     From Emails:

  • Click on “Quick Create” tab in the email header.
  • Select “Lead” from the drop down options.
  • Enter mandatory information in the pop-up window displaying quick create form.
  • Click “Save” soft button.

4.     From VCard:

  • Move to the on the “Leads module.”
  • Select “Create Lead From vCard” option from the dropdown menu of “Leads” soft button.
  • Click “Choose file” button.
  • Browse and select the vCard file from your machine.
  • Click on “Import vCard” soft button.

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