5 Must Have CRM Features for every business


“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.”  -Bill Gates. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software assists integration of Information Technology and businesses. If you are an organisation, you must be looking for a CRM! However, there are innumerable CRMs in the market, making the process of choosing CRM a tedious one. Rolustech can help you identify the best CRM features for your business, and as a starter, we will list down 5 Must Have CRM features for your business.

1. Easy to integrate, Simple to Use

It should not be a burden to integrate your CRM and your business processes. CRM must be compatible with the technology you are using currently.  Lesser the effort required for integration, the better choice you have made.

Ease of use for your employees is another factor you should look for in your CRM features. If your CRM has an unfriendly interface, it might lead to your employees being demotivated to use the software, and this would lead to your CRM proving useless or ineffective irrespective of all other features it possesses.

To sum up, first steps to choosing a CRM for your business are:

How easy will be integration with your business?

How simple is it to use CRM?

2. Accessibility

Accessibility of data at various locations cannot be missing in the list of CRM features. A CRM must be accessible at various locations – at customer sites, at trade shows, from partners’ premises and the version that is accessible at remote locations must not be a dumbed-down version of your CRM. Accessibility of your IT solution is going the boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Till now, we have talked about accessibility via computer screens. Nevertheless, your CRMs must be accessible through mobile devices. Mounting use of mobiles means accessibility via mobile device must exist on your CRM features list. To summarise, accessibility at all possible locations is a MUST!

3. Ease of Customization

Coming up with a list of CRM features that meet all your present and future business requirements is like painting the whole world. Also, a CRM is a long term investment. Keeping these factors in mind, your CRM must be easily customizable. We at Rolustech have done over 500 customizations, and when we recommend you to choose a customizable CRM, we mean it. Syncing of your emails and calendars with your CRM, visualization of your clients on the world map and making and receiving calls via your CRM is one of the very few features you might require and not many CRM are going to have these features. So keep ease of customization on your list of CRM features.

4. Analytics

Storing data in an organized manner is what most CRMs offer, but businesses need to look beyond that. Collection and storage of data are not enough, understanding of data and what it signifies holds way more importance. CRM solutions must provide decision-making analytics.  CRMs should present data in a manner so that it is easy to identify patterns hence, leading to better decision making.  Be very sure that your CRM does have this feature.

5. Ability to map business processes

Your CRM must reflect your business processes completely. Each business has its own unique business processes and a CRM must be flexible and rich enough to successfully encompass all your business processes on to it. It must be compatible with the flow of your business activities. It must ensure that each stage has the required information to proceed forward and that the processes are executed in time. So, before you finalize a CRM solution ensure that it will assist the way your business currently works and increase the efficiency and productivity.

These features are a must irrespective of your business category; however, there are various other factors you must consider before choosing a CRM for your business.

Looking for a perfect CRM solution for your business?

So what do you think? Have you decided which CRM to choose for your business? How about you let us help you in choosing the perfect tech savvy, up to date and state of the art CRM for you?

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