5 Reasons to Attend SugarCon 2016



If you are anywhere in San Francisco or follow SugarCRM on social media, you know that SugarCon is kind of a big deal for us. Each year it brings hundreds of customers, partners, developers, and technology experts together to explore the latest CRM trends and innovations.

This time more than 1,400 SugarCRM enthusiasts will gather at Hilton Union Square from 13th – 16th June to share the best practices for next-generation customer experience. It will highlight the challenges and solutions of today’s digital landscape and how smart companies can leverage it to create better ways to engage customers.

Here are five reasons we think it’s definitely worth your time:

1). The Best of the Lot:

Attendees will have a chance to learn from the world’s leading visionaries, industry observers, and developers about how forging stronger ties with customers can transform their business. Dr. Catriona Wallace, the world’s most cited expert on future of customer experience, will shed some light on new emerging trends of CRM. This will be of great help to those who want to leverage service for revenue growth, customer engagement and top-line impact in the market.

2). Unfold the Future:

What can we expect next from SugarCRM? Well, the answer to this question is just one word i.e. SugarCon 2016! The participants will be the first one to hear about exciting new products, plugins and apps of SugarCRM. Most people won’t see the latest advancements of Sugar for a while, but you’ll get a special look before anyone else!

3). Stop By Our Booth!

This year, we have our very own booth as we are a proud Silver Sponsor at SugarCon. During the conference, don’t forget to meet the brains behind Rolustech at our booth. We will show you the latest features and plugins we’ve been working on and discuss how we will help you specifically with your business and customer needs.

4). Make the Most of Sugar:

Attendees will discover and explore new technologies that will push Sugar beyond the leading edge of CRM. SugarCRM technical experts will go in-depth on product road-map and the latest Sugar capabilities and enhancements. They will have firsthand experience about how to make the most of Sugar to drive growth, improve performance, and to build extraordinary customer relationships.

5). Networking Done Right!

SugarCon 2016 is not just another boring conference. It is three high-energy days of innovation, learning, and fun with SugarCRM community. Whether it is the informative sessions or exciting parties, this will be your only chance to build relationship with the audience who can benefit the most from your products and services.

If you still haven’t decided to go, you should really consider it. SugarCon is a great opportunity to learn from the rich community of SugarCRM. In fact, there’s simply no better way than SugarCon 2016 to connect with Sugar customers, prospects, and partners!

For more information on SugarCon 2016, reach out to us here. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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