5 Reasons to Visit Rolustech Booth (S-8) at SugarCon 2016

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SugarCon is right around the corner! Energies are high, and so are Expectations.

This year, SugarCon will extensively be exploring the art of ‘Transforming Relationships’. It will provide a chance to engage and connect with CRM experts and industry leaders who will share their thoughts on the evolution of Customer Relationships and how they plan to make every customer relation ‘Extraordinary’.

See what SugarCRM has to say on this year’s SugarCon theme: Transforming Relationships:

The transformation needs to start with taking the customer perspective. SugarCon 2016 will offer new insight from experts and industry leaders on how companies can take a holistic approach to transform relationships to drive deeper customer understanding and deliver more engaging customer experiences.

– SugarCon Team

We previously highlighted 5 reasons in our blog post on why you need to attend SugarCon. This time, we have compiled for you 5 reasons to meet the Rolustech team at booth S-8. Not only will you get a chance to meet the brains behind Rolustech’s remarkable journey of more than 9 years to become one of the largest Sugar development teams on the globe. But also, you’ll get the opportunity to catch up with the latest updates and take part in exciting activities at our booth.

1. Plugins to Help You Transform Customer Relationships

You’ll get a chance to see live demos of our latest Sugar integrations and plugins. These plugins are ever-ready to enable your Sugar to become more customer-centric.

But that is not all!

This year, we are launching an avant-garde plugin solution, which the CRM industry has not seen before. This plugin is sure to revolutionize the customer experience of all the users and leads approaching your website. This awe-inspiring solution will provide you with all the information you need about your website users.

Spoiler Alert: Ever wonder what a specific lead was looking for on your website? What he was interacting with? Is he a first-time visitor or has been visiting your website frequently? Which specific product or service he seems most interested in? Does he own a business or is he just an end consumer? What’s his name? Imagine knowing all of this information from your Sugar!

Want to know more on this remarkable plugin?

Visit Booth S-8 during SugarCon 2016.

Rolustech Plugins

2. Demos of Our Products & Services

All SugarCRM Partners, Customers, and Users will all get a chance to learn what makes Rolustech special. We have decided to give you a complete picture of the core competence of Rolustech.

Our team of experts will show you how our Sugar Customization can give you complete command over Sugar and reveal for you the insights in Sugar which you could have only dreamt of before. Moreover, you will have a chance to look at our company’s portfolio and see why big names in the market contact Rolustech for their Sugar needs.

Rolustech Services

3. Free Advice and Consultation from Our Sugar Maestros

Great News for all those attending SugarCon for the first time! If you’re a customer experience enthusiast and have been using some other CRM solution, this year’s SugarCon is sure to change your mind for the better.

If you want consultation regarding Sugar adoption and need to migrate data from your previous CRM platforms, you need not worry and only pay us a visit at our booth to avail our Data Migration services. We’ll guide you in your journey towards adopting and using Sugar to help transform you into a customer-centric enterprise.

sugarcrm migration services

4. Chance to Understand the Success Behind Rolustech’s Low-Cost Sugar Development Model

Want your Sugar customized? Need quality integrations? Want a viable low-cost solution? You need not worry! Just visit our booth.

At Rolustech, we have a culture of austerity and we pride ourselves on being the Sugar partners with the least development costs as compared to the market. You’ll get a chance to learn how we are easy on your pocket despite being high-quality providers of Sugar development, CRM customization, integration, data migration, and support services.

5. Free Giveaways

Last but not least, there are many exciting giveaways for you including most fascinating souvenirs from our home country and things to remember Rolustech by once we part our ways after SugarCon.

But that’s nothing to worry about. You can always get in touch with us. We have a dedicated team instantly responding to your comments, queries and, of course, greetings. We’d love to hear more from you! Schedule a FREE Business Analysis Now! 

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