5 Unforgettable Things About SugarCon 2016

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From the moment Mr. Larry Augustin kicked off SugarCon 2016 till the time we checked out of The Hilton… Boy did we learn the art of Transforming Relationships!

Can we describe SugarCon 2016 in a few words? Let’s try! It was interaction, metrics, fun, competence, excitement, fluidity, customer experience, IoT, Latest Plugins, Smart tech, Predictive Analytics, Captivation and well, most importantly, Transformation. We give up! No, it’s not possible to limit this year’s SugarCon to just a few words as they can never do justice to what we experienced over there.

But do you know what we have made possible for you instead? We have outlined Five Things about SugarCon 2016, which were too difficult for us to forget in all the hustle and bustle of this year’s event.

1. Thrilling Announcements by SugarCRM at SugarCon 2016

Sugarcon 2016 1

SugarCRM knows how to play! Once again they have stunned us all with the latest announcements leaving us spellbound. Let’s take a brief look at them.


SugarCRM is bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the center stage of its future product planning. This also includes a Siri-like VA Intelligent Agent named ‘Candace’. She will allow you to spend less time on entering data into your Sugar and more time learning from Candace.

Customer Journey Plugin

SugarCRM never lets us forget why we all are here! I’m sure you know the answer to it by now. Yes! ‘Creating extra ordinary Customer Relationships’. To do so, SugarCRM has launched a Brand New Plugin by Addoptify ‘Customer Journey Plugin™’.

What will it do?

SugarCRM tells us that it will streamline the actions of all the individuals across all departments and automate the complex business processes while mapping them to the customer journey.

Improved Mobile App

Last but definitely not the least, of the exciting news, new updated Mobile app for Sugar 7 was demonstrated at SugarCon 2016.  It has a new look and feel to it which you need to explore now. SugarCRM also announced its new ability to deploy custom branded and themed Sugar Mobile with its own entry in App Store.

2. Dr. Catriona Wallace’s Keynote on ‘Individualization and Conversational Commerce’ at SugarCon 2016

Sugarcon 2016 2

Yes, we won’t ever forget her most inspiring keynote on ‘Individualization and Conversational Commerce’. Or at least till the time she speaks to us again and teaches us more about Customer Experience.

She outlined some of the key trends about customer experience for us including Personalization, Value as a Service, Mobility in everything, Internet of Things, Customer Effort Metrics, Customer Journey Design and Empathy Training & Emotion.

Don’t worry! We have some key takeaways from Dr. Catriona Wallace’s keynote speech:

  • Big Data falls short on delivering Individualization in commerce and is successful only about 40% of the time.
  • “Individualization is a higher order of commerce than personalization”.
  • “By 2020, there will be 20B devices in the world”.
  • “Jobs your children will do when they leave school don’t even exist at the moment”

and most importantly

  • “We are all individuals and are ready for Conversational Commerce”.

3. Launches of Avant-Garde Plugins at SugarCon 2016

SugarCon 2016 saw the release of many unforgettable new Sugar plugins including SugarCRM’s very own Customer Journey Plugin (discussed above).

But that’s not all! Speaking of unforgettable plugins, all around, one plugin that generated the most buzz was RT CXM. This plugin, launched as ‘your very own Customer Experience Manager’, left many of SugarCon folks awe-struck.

SugarCon 2016 Announcement: RT CXM

What does this awesome plugin do? Let’s see!

RT CXM claims that all you Sugar users can now “Know everything about your daily leads even before the first interaction”. How? Through:

Website Activity Tracking

Access all the behavioral information about a lead on your website right from your Sugar including the leads’

  • Page navigation
  • Visiting history
  • Product engagement
  • Interest in your product or service
  • and even their social information

Automatic Lead Creation & Data Acquisition

New Lead is automatically created in your Sugar with the user’s information when he/she visits your website

Real-Time Chats

With it, you can engage the client on your website right from within your Sugar

Sales Insights

Get Suggestions and alerts on potential sales from RT CXM based on customer’s interests.

Customer Life-Time Tracking

If a client is repeatedly visiting your website, you can engage and see whether he needs any service. And, of course, there is always a possibility of cross selling and up-selling.

4. Partner Awards Ceremony at SugarCon 2016

Right after the App Throwdown, Partner Awards Ceremony was held which presented a way for everyone to know who is the best in the SugarCRM business.


SugarCon 2016 7

Rolustech was awarded the ‘Competency Award’ at this year’s SugarCon. Competency Awards are provided to only a handful of partners that SugarCRM deems to be professional, competent and, above all, proficient at providing SugarCRM services. This year only thirteen partners out of a pool of more than 300 received this award.

“This award goes to the untiring efforts of our certified Sugar development teams and the ‘Lean and Agile’ philosophy behind Rolustech’s success” – says the CTO of Rolustech.

5. SugarCon 2017

SugarCon 2016 ended with a bang and did not leave us upset but yearning. Wanna know why? Because, SugarCRM announced the dates for SugarCon 2017. Did you miss them?

No worries! Take out your PDAs and mark September 25th to 28th of 2017 as the dates on which you’ll forget about the outside world and live four days inside the Sugar Cube.

Here’s to another unforgettable SugarCon in 2017!


That’s all from my side! what are some of your unforgettable experiences at SugarCon 2016. We’d love to hear from you and your Sugar queries.


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