7 facts you do not know about SugarCRM


Customer expectations and behaviors constantly shape a business’ structure and steer it in a direction so as to match the need of the hour. Thus, businesses have to continuously evolve in an environment that is itself undergoing metamorphosis. SugarCRM is the solution to all customer oriented issues, which helps you overcome all barriers of time and space with the sole purpose of satisfying your customer. Here are seven astonishing facts about SugarCRM that often go unnoticed:

1. Helps you understand your customer better:

With SugarCRM, you can analyze and gather all information about your customer and centralize in your database which helps in making communication with your customer easier. Now you can understand your customers’ needs and earn their loyalty. This way you will not only retain existing customers but acquire new ones too.

2. SugarCRM is not just software:

SugarCRM offers many tools for engaging customers and enhancing business operations through customer involvement. But if looked at closely you’ll realize that SugarCRM is more than automating your business processes. It is teaching you how to successfully conduct your business, devise marketing and sales strategies and to manage customer relations based on those strategies. You will notice how it seeps through the business processes making them more efficient and productive than ever before.

3. Store data centrally and avoid disconnect:

With SugarCRM you don’t have to worry about misplacing contact information, collecting contact cards, memorizing important dates because SugarCRM relieves you of this workload by assimilating all information in a single database as opposed to maintaining it on separate platforms. SugarCRM helps you know your customer better and keep track of his details by one-time storage that can be updated from time to time.

4. SugarCRM cloud hosting:

Now you can access all your customer information in and out of office. Enjoy the convenience rendered by SugarCRM cloud hosting which makes customer interaction time efficient and more productive than ever before.

5.Customize your SugarCRM as you wish:

Now you can enjoy the benefits of SugarCRM customization as per your requirement. Be it thematic customization or integration of softwares with you SugarCRM to meet the exclusive needs of your business. Increased personalization can result in better features that would cater for your individualistic needs.

See what you can easily customize in your Sugar here

6. SugarCRM is not a one-time customer contact device:

 SugarCRM can help you track your customer, his preferences and spending habits from the initial point of contact till the last transaction he has made with you. This helps you analyze his behavior and predict why if at all, he has stopped making transactions with you. SugarCRM is a system that acquaints you with the entire customer lifecycle and equips you with all the relevant information to strike successful deals in the future.

7. SugarCRM is for your whole organization:

It is a common misconception that SugarCRM is just for the marketing department. However, there is more to it than merely achieving marketing objectives. With SugarCRM, you can increase collaboration between various departments by increasing knowledge about your customer base and analyzing ROI of different areas. Since, the success of the whole business depends on achieving customer satisfaction, different departments, when equipped with customer information, are on the same page, interaction with customers becomes more fruitful.

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