8 ways CRM Empowers Sales Professionals


CRM software is often referred to as a “Sales Force Automation System” as the software is fortified with multiple features: centralized knowledgebase, activity management, workflows, pre-defined automated responses and processes which augment sales growth while empowering sales professionals to efficiently manage their sales cycle. The 8 major ways in which CRM enables greater success, predictability, and control to empower sales reps are listed below:

1. Easy Access to Information

CRM technology has extended the reach of data and made access to information easy by centralizing customer’s data at one easy-to-use interface. This interface enables instant access to customer’s holistic view and houses client information; sales activities and history of communication that has taken place with each individual customer.

Having all information gathered at one place saves time and data finding efforts of sales reps along with providing them multiple options for accessing the key information and functionality they need when they’re away from the office hence enhances their productivity.

2. Generates Leads and Builds Relationships with Customers

We are living in socially connected world where engagements can happen anywhere and at any time. This fact makes social media an imperative platform to pitch your product in order to expand your reach and boost sales.

Integration of social media fronts in CRM software helps sales executives track and harness new leads or connections through social media and uses it as a medium to build authentic engagement with customers and prospects throughout their customer lifecycle. Another imperative way of generating leads that facilitates sales team is the marketing automation system of CRM.

3. Activity Management

The activity management feature makes the life of sales rep easy by keeping a record of their all activities including performed & scheduled. This functionality of CRM reduces the chance of missing opportunity because of your short term memory loss and lets sales rep control sales activities. It keeps track of all scheduled meetings, calls, tasks etc. and provides a holistic view so that nothing is left unattended. Sales professionals can also set priority against their scheduled activities and are notified each time.

4. Optimize Lead Flow and Shortens Sales Process

CRM software delivers sales professionals unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the sales process and helps them optimize lead flow by creating a well-thought sales process in the pipeline. Sales pipeline maximizes sales potential and segments entire lead database into different categories. It helps sales reps to plan effective strategies that move leads from one sales stage to the next and notifies salesperson whenever a lead moves to the next level.

5. Analysis of Sales Pipeline

Fine-tuned analysis of sales pipeline increases sales contingency. The analysis helps measure and prioritize opportunities available in sales pipeline while enabling sales professionals to set their focus on more profitable deals or on the deals that greater closure probability.

6. Performance Assessment

Reports generated through CRM and personalized dashboard deliver sales reps a unified view of all key sales information including the set target and performance assessment data. Using personalized dashboard, one can easily track his or her progress with an insight of overall achievement till date.

7. Accelerate Responses

Quick response is the secret to sealing the deal. Every individual prefers services from people who stay on their toes to help them in all manners at all times. CRM helps in this regard and automates sales processes at multiple stages. With Accelerated responses, the chances of building customer’s loyalty increase.

8. Increases Sales Growth

Meeting the ultimate goal of every sales professional, CRM technology helps sales person increase his sales growth which is crucial to his survival as a sales rep in a firm or organization.

Key Takeaway:

With its distinct set of capabilities, CRM has become a competitive advantage in sales. CRM enhances sales potential of sales reps while allowing them to engage with, serve and better understand the customer. All the three stages i.e engagement, service, and understanding are beneficial to make sales and maintain long-term relationships with the customers. What are you waiting for? Empower your sales reps, increase their efficiency, winning ratios, average deal size and forecasting consistency by implementing best CRM practices throughout your sales force.

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