Relish the Power of Quickbooks in SugarCRM


We all know that accountants are no longer kept in tiny closets beneath the stairs, hunched over an abacus counting the days away. In fact, it is more than likely that they will be at an important meeting conveying critical information to help steer an organization in the right direction.

     That’s why today we’re here to make your accounting even more productive with our brand-new product! We will make crunching numbers a lot easier because this will not only enhance your accounting process but will also make a big difference in your management capabilities.

You’ve asked for it and here it is…. RT QuickBooks

     While everyone else at the office squints at the numbers and hopes they make sense, RT QuickBooks simplifies your accounting and management needs by integrating Sugar with QuickBooks. Organization can simultaneously use both applications without missing out the crucial features of both applications such as synchronizing customers, inventory, sales invoice and history.

     From generating invoice to managing payrolls, RT QuickBooks gives you a panoramic view of your customers within Sugar. It keeps the two platforms updated because you can sync QuickBooks customers in Sugar – and this is all done automatically while you work means no more repetitive data entry for you. Imagine, how much time will you save?

     Also, RT QuickBooks provides you the ability to schedule data synchronization, deciding what needs to be synced and what not. While minimizing the workload, RT QuickBooks maximizes the power of QuickBooks in Sugar. Moreover, different teams, such as sales, and marketing, can access real-time data synchronization at the same time. Here’s a list of complete benefits of RT QuickBooks for you:

  • Two-way sync between Sugar and QuickBooks
  • Track your synchronization history with a log integrated in Sugar called the RT QuickBooks Logs & RT QuickBooks Sync Data
  • Sync existing and new customers in Sugar and QuickBooks simultaneously
  • Empowers you to sync a record immediately to QuickBooks whenever you want to
  • Configure as to which teams should the records be assigned to or not
  • Map Sugar fields and modules onto QuickBooks and vice versa
  • Categorize transactions using different classes and add tax-value to manage tax payments.

Does this kind of benefits sound as enticing to you as it does to us? Well, this could be the right time to sail the arithmetic ship with RT QuickBooks.

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