Activity Stream in Sugar 7

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In Sugar 6, Activity Stream was a dashlet on the Home page that showed system-wide updates and offered very little communication capabilities. In Sugar 7, the Activity Stream has been completely revamped.

The system-wide Activity Stream still exists, but there are now Activity stream per Record View. Read on to learn what an Activity Stream per Record View does.

Activity Stream per Record View

On each record, the Activity related to that record is shown. For example, when viewing an Account, it will show when a Contact, Case, Opportunity has been created or linked to that Account.

SugarCRM has made major improvements to increase collaboration and transparency. Even more, Activity can be used as a communication tool. The user can write a comment on the Stream and mention another user by using the “@” symbol before his name. The user mentioned in the comment will be notified via the Notification center. Users can also drag and drop files in Activity and reference a user to take a look. They can also mention other records such as Contacts by using the “#” before their names. The comment will also show in the stream of the referenced record.


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