Add a custom action in SugarCRM 7


In SugarCRM 7, custom actions cannot be added for sidecar modules. You will need to create layout and view for a custom action . To retrieve/save on that view/layout, a REST API call is used.

To setup a custom layout e.g ‘my-view’
create a php file ./custom/clients/base/layouts/setup/setup.php to render a custom view named “my-view”.

$viewdefs[‘base’][‘layout’][‘setup’] = array(
‘type’ => ‘simple’,
‘components’ => array(
‘view’ => ‘my-view’,

Creating a custom View:

A custom view helps render the content that is to be viewed. The javascript controller defines how the page should be rendered. This is defined in ‘ ./custom/clients/base/views/my-view/my-view.js ‘

className: ‘setup tcenter’,

loadData: function (options) {

A handlebars template is then created to show the result in ‘./custom/clients/base/views/my-view/my-view.hbs’

My View!!

To see your newly created layout and view, you will navigate to:

//{site url}/#/layout/setup

Custom API:
To generate the data required, we can create a custom REST API by extending Sugar 7’s REST API.

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