Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration

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About Alfresco

Alfresco is one of the most powerful open source document management and enterprise content management systems available. Having been in the market since 2005, Alfresco has evolved into a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use CMS and the preferred choice of most paperless work environments.

Why Integrate with SugarCRM?

One of the key strengths of SugarCRM is its ability to virtually enhance its capabilities by seamlessly integrating with any third-party solution that your company uses or needs. Alfresco and SugarCRM integration provides a central consolidated platform for people in your organization to collaborate and share business documents securely. This spares you from the hassle of repeatedly having to switch between the two platforms and maintaining them independently, effectively boosting your business productivity and efficiency.  

Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration – What Exactly Do You Get?

Improved Team Collaboration

Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration

Effective collaboration is crucial for any business. Integration of Alfresco with SugarCRM facilitates document syncing between the two platforms. With dedicated project sites and rich collaboration tools, Alfresco lets your team upload, share, modify and approve business documents regardless of where they are.

Secure File Sharing

Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration

Integration with Alfresco proves to be a more secure alternative for sharing files than conventional methods. Alfresco comes with enterprise-grade security and role-based access controls. This means you no longer need to email sensitive documents when collaborating with other organizations, consultants or customers. Sharing through Alfresco ensures that files are always under your company’s control, eliminating any chances of unauthorized access. External access can also be revoked once the collaboration is finished.

Document Scanning and Capture

Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration

With advanced optical character recognition, Alfresco can capture and organize information from nearly any source including scanned forms, faxes, PDFs, and emails and help you convert this into actionable data to optimize business processes. Moreover, the digitization of data lets you automate many operations and helps increase employee productivity.

File Integrity Preservation

Alfresco and SugarCRM Integration

Permission-based access ensures that only you can decide who gets to view, modify and delete documents. You can define business rules to enforce record management. Moreover, Alfresco lets you maintain different versions of the same document and provides full roll-back functionality. You can also explicitly see changes made by each individual.

The Bottom Line!

Document sharing and collaboration is essential regardless of the nature of your business. In order to manage your information in an effective, efficient and secure way it becomes necessary to integrate your SugarCRM with an effective CMS. Alfresco is a great option for enterprises. However, it is virtually possible to seamlessly integrate any CMS with SugarCRM.


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