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(Updated on May/2021)

[SugarCRM has undergone a number of upgrades in the last couple of years. You can check out a more recent blog to learn more about the latest edition of SugarCRM: Sugar 10. Sugar 10 came out in Q2 of 2020 and has introduced various improvements. Some of the highlights include improvements to the UI(User Interface) and an increase in the total number of dashlets that can be made.

Our in-house sugar experts can assist you in customizing the latest version of SugarCRM to meet your business needs.]

With the launch of Sugar 7, the user experience of the CRM system has improved significantly. Now, every user can interact with customers in better and smarter ways. Sugar 7 enables users to have the knowledge and tools necessary to understand their customers, identify what really matters and when it matters, and drive a superior experience every time they interact with customers. Features such as home page dashboards, right-hand side pane configuration, preview of the record on the list view, editing of the record on detail view, customer and sales intelligence dashlets, etc all contribute to better user experience.

Rolustech works on Sugar 7

sugar 7

The Rolustech team is exploring and digging deep into the architecture and framework of Sugar7. To make the most out of the sidecar framework and other enhancements is among the foremost goals of our certified team. The team is working on upgrading its add-ons for Sugar 7 as well and is engaged in learning ways to customize the CRM as per demand.


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