Benefits Of Integrating Sugar CRM With ERP

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When it comes to handling customer relations and managing sales, Sugar CRM provides its users with a well-equipped platform to do just that. With the help of Sugar, businesses can ensure that the output of their operations is in line with what was required and thus ensure that their client’s needs are met.

However, based entirely on the CRM platform alone, a business cannot successfully handle the behind the scenes operations that determine the general direction in which the business is headed. For this purpose, businesses employ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms. 

ERP tools handle the ‘back-end’ of the business which usually refers to the handling of large amounts of data acquired from different functions within the organization, such as Finance, HR, Sales, Billing, or Manufacturing. The ERP enables this data to be used to enhance the business operations, overcome inefficiencies, and analyze the general requirements of the customers.

Many business setups use CRM and ERP in parallel to handle their day-to-day business affairs. However, this leaves much of the useful data on both platforms underused. By integrating the two platforms successfully, users can benefit infinitely more by using the resources of one platform to increase the efficiency of the other.

So what exactly does this integration entail? And what benefits can users yield from it? Let’s find out!

Benefits Of CRM And ERP Integration

By combining the best of what a CRM and an ERP platform have to offer, users can experience unprecedented benefits that help improve their overall business performance.

Internal Controls Are Better Managed

The CRM and ERP combination would contain much of the data that an employee might need to carry out their day-to-day business. This eliminates information silos and allows information from each platform to be used to run the other which yields great results. Employees are prevented the hassle of sifting through modules in order to get information on anything. With a consolidated database of information, anyone can access the required data without having to check both the CRM and ERP platforms separately.

Mobile Application Used More Conveniently

With both the CRM and ERP tools integrated together, users would not have to log in separately to gather information from each platform, rather they would be able to access all the information they need in one go. Users can get the sales or marketing information from the CRM portion but also be able to check customer purchase history or pricing. This quick, easy, and efficient way of carrying out business processes prevents vendors from the frustration of continuously switching between apps, especially when on-the-go.

Enhanced Business Intelligence

ERP consists of historical data regarding the vendor and its dealings with various clients. Meanwhile, CRM has an opportunity forecast online, which can be done better with the ERP data available. So any inferences made about site traffic, revenue, or conversions can help all the information to forecast with greater accuracy.

Seamless Customer Service

When a customer inquires about a certain transaction from a representative of your company, the representative could take a while to sift through the separate databases of the CRM and ERP platform in order to gather information about the customer. With an integration, however, the process can be quicker and more informative for the representative, who could have a look at all the past interactions with that particular customer, and so work to resolve their issues.

Important ERP And Sugar CRM Integrations 

Some important modules within an ERP and your Sugar CRM could be integrated to allow for smooth and efficient business operations. Some of these include:

  • Address Book Integration: Address books are an essential tool for maintaining contact information for all clients and is needed for both, the CRM as well as the ERP. 
  • Credit And Collections Information: In Sugar CRM, sales opportunity qualification, pipeline, and forecast ratings are affected by credit and collections status in ERP. With the integration, this data is used interchangeably across both platforms\
  • eCommerce Platform Alignment: It is essential that the online and eCommerce transactions in both platforms have the required and relevant information to streamline the business process
  • Pricing Rules: The metrics upon which the pricing of the products is determined are something that needs to be uniform across both platforms. 
  • Sales Compensation: The process of sales compensation would require data input from both, the CRM and the ERP platforms in order to make the relevant calculations

Integrate Your Sugar CRM Today!

Rolustech provides expert Sugar Integration services to allow you to get the best of your ERP and CRM experience. With our help, enable your business process to run smoothly and streamline your front-end and back-end operations. We will be glad to assist you with support, customization, and integration services to allow you to tailor your platforms according to your business needs.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped several firms with various SugarCRM Customizations, Migrations, and Integrations. Contact us today for your FREE consultation session. We will be happy to assist you!

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