Benefits of Marketing Automation in Odoo

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Automation is a process of making things work independently without the need for a human presence or with very minimal human input. There may be a lot of repetitive tasks involved in a business process that requires continuous human monitoring. These kinds of jobs consume time and consume more capital, so to overcome this, automation is very much essential and effective. 

In this competitive world of business, time and efficiency are the critical factors in sustaining the market for a long time. And to achieve this, every business should move towards marketing automation. Odoo is the one such marketing automation software that provides enhanced features allowing you to enhance your marketing plan.

Odoo’s marketing automation’s primary goal is to automate all your workflows and streamline them for collective efficiency. Odoo helps in the faster completion of tasks with its power of automation. The intent of internet marketing has taken many shapes in SMS marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Odoo ERP has introduced a dedicated Odoo marketing automation tool that can help coordinate all the sales and marketing departments hand in hand. This tool can extend its benefits even to other departments of industry and other business operations as well.

Why use Odoo?

Odoo is open-source ERP software and offers a wide variety of features and functionalities for its users. It is designed in such a process to meet all the marketing automation of businesses. With its feasible and easy-to-operate mechanism, Odoo reduces manual operations a lot which in turn, reduces the consumption of time and energy. Odoo allows you to work either offline and online, making it extremely convenient. Odoo’s system can help in multiple marketing functions like coordinating, managing, analyzing, and updating all the sales and marketing activities in real-time.

Every business spends a significant chunk of its budget on marketing and promotions of its goods and services. You might be dependent on your marketing campaign system, whereas different teams handle different promotional campaigns. Marketing campaigns are the lifelines for sales and purchases; they contribute a significant role in bringing a product or service close to the target audience.

Key Features of Odoo’s Marketing Automation Software

Odoo’s marketing automation software consists of 2 main modules: SMS/Email Marketing and Social Marketing, integrating automated processes into different areas and using automation to exploit basic features and optimize your marketing process.

Social Marketing 

  • The main function of the social marketing tools are to enable you to find new customers and retain users.
  • Your products will appear on social media, increasing engagement, connecting you with customers, and increasing potential customers.
  • Digital marketing allows global outreach, displaying your products and services to a global audience. 
  • As a result of social media marketing, you are able to reach potential customers through various avenues: targeted advertisements, as well as push notifications which allow you to grab the immediate attention of potential customers

Email/SMS Marketing 

  • This SMS/Email marketing software allows you to target the right audience based on past orders, cart cancellations, list subscriptions, event attendees, hand-selected contacts, and more. Thus, you will send SMS and emails directly from your contact list, which helps to raise the number of deals being closed and it is not only useful for marketing campaigns. 
  • It helps to optimize your results by submitting campaigns to target groups in your database. Choose potential customers, existing customers, or any other group from your contact list by country, by date, and by function.
  • This email marketing automation software ensures that your newsletter emails are displayed optimally on any screen – tablet, mobile, laptop, or desktop. The dynamic content display will automatically adapt your client screen by adjusting the distance and optimizing the image, which helps your customers read the news most comfortably on any device.
  • For SMS/Email campaigns all you have to do is create and schedule them to be sent afterward. Odoo takes care of the task of sending emails, which means that you do not have to withstand the strenuous task of sending SMS/Emails individually.
  • The platform enables users to easily create email campaigns with great customization features as well as an intuitive and easy to use software. If designing the newsletter is something you are not interested in doing Odoo provides a tool which allows you to choose from various templates, requiring you to only add your messages and images.
  • Using real-time statistics and data, Odoo’s marketing automation allows users to easily track potential customers and open and close rates, thus, helping improve your overall marketing strategy.

In conclusion, Marketing is an important aspect within the context of running a business. Companies are providing identical products and services. Today there are numerous platforms providing automated solutions to run their promotional aspects. Some lack the capabilities and tools to configure the functioning to perform on all levels. However, Odoo’s Marketing Automation software automates all your workflows and streamlines them for collective efficiency while meeting all the automation needs of your business.


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