Pipeline Management in SugarCRM- A step-by-step approach to close deals faster


Accurate sales forecasting is highly essential as it ensures optimal allocation of resources and empowers senior management to make data driven decisions to maximize profits. SugarCRM was built with the purpose of creating an extraordinary CRM for salespeople. From the first point of contact to finally closing the deal, Sugar lets salespeople clearly view and analyze each stage of the sales pipeline.

What is Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline refers to the steps that an organization follows in order to sell a product or service to a customer. Each step needs to be completed to move a prospect through the funnel before that lead gets converted into a customer. A typical sales pipeline comprises of the following four steps:

1. Initial contact

2. Qualification

3. Validation

4. Deal closed

Managing the sales pipeline successfully will put your company’s success on an even higher trajectory. Having more deals in the pipeline does not necessarily mean that your business can expect to earn more revenue. It all depends on how effectively salespeople deal with the prospects as they move through the pipeline. Therefore, the need arises to have a sales friendly CRM in which salespeople know exactly how to deal with prospects depending on what stage of the pipeline they are at.   

Sales Stages in Sugar

Prospecting: This is the first stage in the sales process and indicates that the opportunity with this prospect is new and needs to be qualified by a sales representative.

Qualification: The sales representative interacts with the prospect to determine if a sales opportunity exists.

Needs Analysis: After determining that the prospect has an interest in a product or service, the sales representative now uncovers the prospect’s business challenges.

Value Proposition: After uncovering the prospect’s business challenges, the sales representative now maps the company’s products/ services to the prospect’s business challenges and describes the value of the solution.

Id. Decision Makers: After determining that there is a match between the prospect’s business challenges and the company’s products/services, the sales representative now identifies the decision makers necessary to close this opportunity or revenue line item.

Perception Analysis: The sales representative analyzes the prospect’s perceived value of the company’s solution at this stage in order to prepare the appropriate combination of products and services for the sales quote.

Proposal/Price Quote: In this stage,the sales representative delivers the proposal, sometimes called the price quote, to the prospect.

Negotiation/Review: The sales representative reviews and negotiates the proposal with the prospect.

Closed Won : The sales representative has won this opportunity and the company can now bill the customer.

Closed Lost: The sales representative has lost this opportunity.

Sugar lets you visualize your Sales Pipeline

Pipeline management in SugarCRM

With Sugar, you get a comprehensive and detailed view of your pipeline. By having a single, consolidated platform where all the data is stored,  you can seamlessly track the life cycle of leads and opportunities through the various stages. At a glance, executives of your company can see what revenue is expected. Reporting tools allow managers to slice and dice data to better understand lead conversion metrics beyond simple conversion to opportunity and set sales targets accordingly.

Bottom Line:

In sales, following a disciplined approach will increase your chances of success. Knowing where each prospect resides in the sales pipeline helps salespeople adopt strategies that will move the prospect quickly through the pipeline. Acquiring leads has become easier. The tough part is to nurture them properly along the sales cycle to increase their likelihood of getting converted into customers. Sugar pipeline management eliminates inefficiencies caused by bottlenecks and allows salespeople to focus their energies on prospects that have the highest probability of conversion.

Pipeline management in SugarCRM

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