Change the color of task records based on date_due

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Looking for a solution to change the color of task records based on date_due in dashlet list-view on the home screen? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve compiled all the steps you need to take to change the color of task records based on due_date yourself. Read on!

The solution is simple and can be achieved in four simple steps:

1.   Change type of date_due field to custom field

“date_due”  custom/modules/Tasks/clients/base/views/list/list.php

‘name’ => ‘date_due’,
‘width’ => ’15’,
‘label’ => ‘LBL_LIST_DUE_DATE’,
‘type’ => ‘date_due’,
‘link’ => false,
‘enabled’ => true,
‘default’ => true,

2.   Add date_due custom field definition in Task Module

* Customize to add Overdue functionality

    extendsFrom: ‘DateTimeComboField’,
format: function(value) {
if (!value) {
return value;
value =;
if (!value.isValid()) {

// check for due date
if(typeof != ‘undefined’ && == ‘dashlet’){
var now = new Date(),
dateOver = new Date(value);
this.overDue =  dateOver < now;

if (this.action === ‘edit’ || this.action === ‘massupdate’) {
value = {
‘date’: value.format(,
‘time’: value.format(
} else {
value = value.formatUser(false);
return value;


3.   Add list.hbs in custom due_date field

* customize to add overDue class for a field incase due date
<div data-placement=”bottom” title=”{{#unless value}}{{#if def.placeholder}}{{str def.placeholder this.model.module}}{{/if}}{{/unless}}{{value}}” >
{{#if}}<a href=”{{#if}}javascript:void(0);{{else}}{{href}}{{/if}}”>{{value}}</a>{{else}}{{value}}{{/if}}

4.    Define new class in custom.less file


.overDue{ background-color: red;}

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