Clean up your CRM Database


At times, data recorded in the CRM software can become a little messy. It is highly important for a business to ensure that the data recorded in the CRM system is qualitative, otherwise it would simply be adding to the costs the business. Here a few ways to ensure that CRM data is clean:

  • Complete missing data: A business must first ask whether the data recorded is complete or not. Incomplete data is an indicator of poor quality of data. While entering the data into the CRM system which is often rather time consuming, an employee may start slacking. Hence, it is important to set some fields as mandatory so complete data for them is available. Moreover, data markers in CRMs can be used for filling in the relevant information that may be missing.
  • Avoid duplicate entry of data: Removing duplicate data from the CRM system is one of the most crucial steps when a business plans to clean the data. Any duplicate entries which already exist in the CRM system should be removed and steps need to be taken to ensure that an employee doesn’t record anything twice in the future. For instance, one method that businesses can adopt is recording data using a customer’s email ID since every individual has a unique ID.
  • Merge existing duplicate data: Since it is a tedious process to detect and remove a duplicate entry, businesses can merge the existing duplicate data in order to clean up the CRM system. Instead of completely eliminating the entry, merging will make sure that no information is lost. So if one entry was missing some information, the other entry would compensate for it.
  • Validate data: In order to ensure that the CRM system of a business is functioning using clean and valuable data, it is important to validate data. Data validation can be done by determining validation rules and restraints from the beginning. Furthermore, data validity should be inspected at regular intervals.

Thus, keeping the data clean will allow a business to utilize the CRM system in the most efficient manner.

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