CRM Failure Reasons


CRM initiative can become daunting sometimes because of failure which is not an abrupt event that occurs all of a sudden. There are many reasons for CRM  failure. Few of these have been listed below:

  1. Too Many Features: Simple is better. Sometimes bombardments of features in CRM software degrade its value.
  2. Unclear Goals: Unclear goals can contribute a lot to CRM deployment failures. To avoid this hazard, keep your goals and deadlines clear.
  3. Lack of Executive Sponsorship: Lack of executive sponsorship degrades CRM projects until they fail. So get their confidence and approval first and then proceed further.
  4. Vendor and Price: The wrong vendor at the right price is no bargain. Select your vendor wisely. Ask every single question that comes to your mind and make yourself satisfied.
  5. Overpromises: Overpromises made by vendor can land you in a desperate condition. Evaluate the product yourself and use the trial version before making your final buying decision.

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