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CRM with chat and call integration has many benefits. Wouldn’t it be great to be there for your customers whenever they have a question? Imagine one of your loyal customers wants to get to know more about another product or service that you are offering. With a huge database of customers, it is difficult to provide each customer with a personalized experience. But that’s what sets you apart from your counterparts. Moreover, too often, lead conversion is missed because it is difficult to remember where the last conversation ended. There are times when you would have tried to pull out all the conversations with the prospective customers; from your email or other communication channels such as live chats or calls. At these crucial times, you can leverage your CRM for great customer experience

Why a CRM Should have Chat Integration?

Imagine you have everything from your leads to the customer database and the communication records all in one place. Does this sound too good to be true? We will tell you how you can make this happen for real with your CRM and live chat integration. 

Building Trust with Customers

CRM chat integration facilitates in providing a personalized customer experience. This will allow your team to develop a rapport with the customers right from the beginning. They can assist the customers in choosing the right product or service at all times, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Leverage Data To Retain Customer

Have you ever amazed your customers by leading the conversation right from where they left last time?  With live chat integration, you can use data and details regarding the leads from your CRM. In this way, you can provide better customer service as your team can now improve their interaction with the customers and help their interest grow. This will also give you opportunities to boost your sales in the future.

Better Database Management

Just when your chat starts with a prospective customer, a CRM with live chat integration will make your life easier. Put an end to all the hassle of maintaining databases each time a visitor comes to your website. Now, when an old visitor comes to your website, you can easily pull out the conversation and streamline the customer’s journey.

An Example: Virtual Call Center Chat (VCC) Integration

With live chat CRM, you can easily reach out to your customers. There are many different live chat CRM platforms including Zendesk live chat, Shopify live chat, Slack live chat and Salesforce Service Cloud live chat. However, one of the most popular live chat platform is Virtual Call Center Chat (VCC). You can get your live chat CRM integration with VCC chat platform and see your customer service team doing wonders. For example, you can leverage your SugarCRM chat module and integrate it with the VCC chat platform for getting the most out of your live customer chat. Now, your customer service reps don’t need to leave the CRM to have access to customer’s data such as old chats and social media profiles information. This will help in targeting customers with prior knowledge of their needs and personalized campaigns to increase conversion rates. All in all, with a CRM live chat integration, you will have everything in one place to provide the best customer service.

CRM Call Center Integration – A Breakthrough

To be at the top of your game, it is important to streamline your communication with the customers and within your company. We all know how frustrating it is to have a call unanswered by the customer service representative. Most of the time, companies lose loyal customers because of communication lags. But don’t worry, as a CRM and call integration solves the problem. It’s simple and fast! There are many platforms including telephony that get seamlessly integrated into a CRM such as Salesforce and SugarCRM.

Virtual Call Center Integration – The Best Out There!

One such example is the Virtual Call Center (VCC) Integration with your CRM, which turns out to be highly effective. With the CRM call center integration, you can keep a record of the customers calling you in your CRM. So whenever a customer calls, you get their details on the CRM. Through this information, you can try to match the customer’s details with your previous record or make a new record. Now let’s explore how CRM and phone integration will benefit your business.

Benefits of CRM and Call Center Integration

Save Time and Money

Too often, the customer service agents are busy with phone calls and take time to dig up an old customer’s database or make a new entry. With CRM phone integration, a lot of time will be saved to keep your customers happy. Moreover, you don’t need to use multiple technologies to increase the productivity of your teams.

Reach Customers with a Click

Wouldn’t it be better to place a call to your customers with just a click? Avoid the hassle of finding and typing a phone number when you can just click to reach out to your customers. For example, if your SugarCRM is integrated with the VCC platform, you can just click on a phone number available online or offline and make a call. Along with this, pull out your sticky notes on CRM, jot down the important points and save the data into your CRM database. Hence, with CRM and phone integration, you are all set to increase your productivity through swift calls.

Call Automation

With CRM call center integration, you can automate your calls. For example, if you integrate your Salesforce with Virtual Call Center (VCC) platform, all your data regarding the time and duration of the call will be entered automatically into the CRM software. This will reduce manual labor, so your team can use your energy and time to deal with the clients and improve sales.

Analyze Your Data

To make a solid customer management strategy, you just can’t ignore the data from your phone calls. After you get your CRM call center integration done, you can analyze and interpret customers’ data. In this way, you can determine common queries, peak and off-peak hours, and segment your customers according to the location, etc.

The Bottom Line!

If you are looking to provide top-notch customer service, you should go for live chat integration. With artificial intelligence penetrating into businesses at a fast pace, CRM and live chat integration has become a new trend. This trend is gaining traction especially in the hotel industry where hotel management is using live chat with Hotel CRM to provide quick customer service. However, this does not reduce the importance of calls with customers. So, revolutionize your business with CRM and call integration to leverage all your communication channels.

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