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Marketing Automation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and could be at over $7.6 Billion in value by 2025. Besides greatly improving and optimizing your marketing operations, Marketing Automation also helps you automate and streamline multiple redundant tasks that lead to quicker processes and increased revenue. We, at Rolustech, have developed a solution called RT MauticConnect that can help you manage all your marketing processes inside a CRM while providing you with valuable insights that can help you improve your marketing campaigns substantially. This CRM plugin for marketing automation can take your marketing efforts to new heights.

Read on as we dissect the various features of RT MauticConnect which can help you truly set your marketing efforts apart.

Marketing Automation Using RT MauticConnect

Email Marketing Automation and Archiving

Email Marketing is one of the most efficient tools available in the market. With targeted efforts for a fraction of the cost, email marketing helps you extend your customer’s lifecycle and lets you personalize your efforts for improved customer interactions. With RT MauticConnect, you can automate a number of email marketing processes by creating custom workflows that go into effect based on various predefined customer actions. This takes the bulk of effort off your marketing and sales representatives and ensures a consistent manner of customer interaction that boosts your business operations. All of the email correspondences and data automatically syncs with your CRM and gives you a consolidated view of your marketing efforts. You can also put triggers to track your ROI and analyze the weak points in your strategy. With RT MauticConnect, you can also automatically archive all inbound and outbound emails for easy access down the line.

Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing

With RT MauticConnect, you can create a predefined template to categorize leads, based on touchpoints and behavior by identifying points of interest as they scroll through your website, etc. You can also send them customized top of the funnel marketing offers e.g. ebooks and promo materials. RT MauticConnect gives you a complete lead management mechanism that lets you generate leads and walk them through the sales cycle. You can also integrate RT MauticConnect with social media platforms to further improve your marketing automation efforts and get a holistic view of your customers. For example, in the education sector, many institutes are leveraging RT Mautic with Higher Education CRM to streamline their marketing efforts, attract more students and maintain good relationships with their alumni. 

Custom Landing Pages and Website Tracking

With custom landing pages and tracking features built into this CRM Marketing Automation plugin, you can easily get insights into your top performing platforms and focus efforts on those lagging behind. Create unique landing pages that resonate with your audience and link the submissions directly to a host of different modules in your CRM to combine your results in one place. These submissions can be imported into your Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities Module. You can also use RT MauticConnect to track the visitors on your website and visualize their browsing behavior to identify points of interest.

Reporting and Analytics

Leverage all this data with custom CRM reports that come with a host of templates, letting you analyze data in any number of ways. Track online activities and analyze performance metrics to get a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts. Manage, qualify, and categorize leads with the help of custom reports to identify industry verticals and client base to exploit areas of interest. These custom reports in CRM can help you analyze contact behavior, audience engagement, and pipeline growth.

Key Takeaway!

All these features make RT MauticConnect a perfect fit for all your marketing needs. Make the most of its analytical features to scratch below the surface and get meaningful insights that can help you reorganize and improve your marketing efforts in a coherent and targeted manner.

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