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Selling is both a science and an art. Being eloquent alone won’t help salespersons achieve the success they aim for. In order to convince clients to make a purchase, they need to have all the required information at their fingertips. SugarCRM makes the lives of salespeople extremely easy by providing them with a comprehensive platform that delivers a 360 degree view of each prospect. While the latest versions of Sugar come with their own mobile app, community edition does not offer the same perks to its users.

Since a lot of our customers use Sugar community edition due to its open source nature and often complain about not having a mobile app for their sales team while they are on the move, we were compelled to develop our own mobile app for community edition users. The app is equally useful for Sugar users whose needs are not met by Sugar’s default mobile app and want a customized mobile CRM solution.

Introducing RSugar!

Whether you are an iPhone user or an android user, it does not matter. RSugar works seamlessly with both operating systems. The most distinctive characteristic of RSugar is that it allows you to access and update data in your Sugar in both online and offline modes.

Other salient features are as follows:

1. Ultimate access to data

You can access data for all modules including the ones that have been custom built. Records can be easily fetched from the server database and updated in real-time.

2. Email & Call Facility

Whether you want to send a client an email or make a call to a prospect, all can be easily done from within your RSugar app with the click of a button.

3. Personalized screen

You can personalize your screen view by selecting custom modules for your dashboard.

This will save precious time of your salespeople since they will only see those modules which pertain to their job role.

4. MyDay

My Day is another exciting feature of RSugar. In this module, the user can view all the tasks in different modules that are scheduled for current date.

5. Synchronization

Synchronization facility is available to update the local database while in offline mode. It has two modes: one is Module Sync and the second is Complete Sync.

Bottom Line

If you are using Sugar 7, you already have access to Sugar’s mobile app. However, the scope of getting it customized is limited. In such cases, you will find an app like RSugar of great utility as you can get it customized according to your exact business needs. On the other hand, Sugar Community Edition users do not have the luxury of mobile CRM. Hence, the only option left is to purchase an app that is compatible with all operating systems like RSugar.

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