Custom Web Portal in CRM- Bridge the Gap between Your Customers & Employees

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Web Portals are extremely beneficial in the process of forming lifelong relationships with your customers. Your CRM is for your employees, your web portal is for your customers. Customers are not concerned with the CRM you use. However, they do care about a portal where they can log in and get what they need. So, let’s go over what a web portal is and see what it can do.

What is a web portal?

People often consider a website and a web portal to be the same thing. Although both are strongly linked, in reality, they are separate. A portal combines information from multiple sources into a single user interface. It allows users to find relevant information with ease and also connect with other users. An example of a popular portal which we could all relate to is Facebook.

Benefits of a Web Portal for your Business

1. Convenience for Customers

With a self-service portal, customers can simply log in with their credentials to do a variety of things. You can place online orders, make payments, view billing history, generate complaints, and track their status. Basically, they can do all their business with your organization directly, without any involvement other involvement. They no longer need to call or email salespeople to get detailed information about products. Nor contact customer support staff to get their issues resolved. This provides convenience to customers and enhances the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Moreover, this also results in reduced costs for your company in making client servicing processes more automated.

2. Create a loyal community of customers

Positive word of mouth can do wonders for your company. Portals usually have a section where customers can interact with each other, share their views and express their opinions. Positive reviews coming from customers will boost the confidence of other customers who are unsure about making the final purchase decision.

3. Personalize Customer Experience

A portal keeps track of products viewed by customers in the past. Records are also based on previous purchase history and can recommend products that are of interest and relevance. They also engage customers through mechanisms involving loyalty points and other offers. Customers feel valued when provided with a personalized experience. It makes them more likely to stick to your brand rather than switching to competitors’.

Our expertise at developing portals

It has become highly essential for businesses to give their customers a platform where they can serve themselves. Over the years, we have created many portals for our clients belonging to a diverse range of industries. Let’s walk you through one such portal which we designed for a management consulting firm, MetaOps.

web portal

Company Profile: MetaOps is a business management consulting firm located in Livonia. It specializes in providing, on a short-term contract basis, the most Difficult-to-Find ‘Top Talent’ resources on the planet.  These people are located around the world and are available in a few days’ notice are experts in their fields. Usually, this is Business Process Improvement and Operational Excellence, in many industries.

Custom Portal: A user-friendly and easy-to-navigate custom portal was built which allowed professionals to be a part of the company’s talent portfolio. They can register, make a profile, upload a photo, upload their relevant documents, attach references and schedule a screening interview. An automatic email was sent to users who signed up. A custom dashboard was developed to list all the sections and show users which of them had been completed.

Screenshots of the Portal
web portal


web portal


web portal

web portal


web portal


web portal


web portal

Need Help in developing your very own Portal?

If you are interested in developing your own web portal but can’t figure out how to take the first step, you can schedule a FREE consultation with our web designers.



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