Data Privacy Management and GDPR Features in Sugar 8

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SugarCRM’s version 8 is the most comprehensive and feature-packed CRM solution yet by the Cupertino based company. You can learn all about these exciting features in our post on what’s new in Sugar 8. This time around, we will be focusing exclusively on Sugar 8’s data privacy and data protection enhancements that, perhaps, make it the ideal CRM in a post-GDPR world.

GDPR and the Need for Data Privacy Management

Before we dig in, it’s important to address what GDPR is all about and why SugarCRM decided to incorporate the new data security features in the first place. For those of you who don’t know, GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is a data protection and privacy regulation for all individuals within the European Union but also applies to external entities handling their personal data. This means that companies would have to adopt a new approach to data privacy while failure to comply would have severe ramifications.

Sugar 8 sets out to help users implement best practices for data privacy as well as fulfill their responsibilities towards their customers with ease. Here are its key highlights:

Data Privacy Manager Role

This is a new role in SugarCRM that allows you to specify which of your users have the right to manage customer data privacy requests. Designated users will have exclusive privileges such as the ability to close data privacy records and permanently erase personal information using the data privacy module.

Data Privacy Module

The new Data Privacy Module is your data privacy command center. It brings everything you need, to view and access data privacy requests from your customers, in one place. Like any other module, the Data Privacy Module also houses search, filter, inline editing, preview and more to help your data privacy manager conveniently and efficiently navigate through data privacy requests. It will be related to your Leads, Contacts and Targets modules out of the box but can be configured and related to other modules as you see fit.

Data Privacy Record View

The new Data Privacy Record View allows users to be more proactive when it comes to responding to customer data privacy requests. Using this, the Data Privacy Manager can review customer request details, mark requests as complete, reject requests, and conveniently share the data privacy requests within or outside the organization via email. He can also view a searchable audit log of all the changes to that person’s record within Sugar.

Data Privacy Subpanel

Conveniently displayed out-of-the-box in records like Targets, Leads, and Contacts, this subpanel is configurable to any module you see fit. It enables your Data Privacy Manager to easily view and add data privacy requests directly from an individual’s record. Within a record, the Data Privacy Manager can select ‘view personal info’ to see the latest values for all the fields containing personal information as well as the information source(s). This is especially useful when it comes to satisfying customer requests for ‘right to access’ (a customer’s right to know what personal information you’re storing about him and where it came from) and ‘right to erasure’ (a customer’s right to have all of his personal information, including contact information, erased from your database).

Consent Management and Customer Opt-In

Customer email addresses can be configured, by default, to be “opted-out” or “opted-in” for communication purposes. Opt-out indicators are displayed throughout Sugar so that users can be made aware of customers who have not specifically opted-in to email communication. Additionally, an opt-in checkbox also gets added to web-to-lead forms containing email address fields so visitors can explicitly indicate whether they wish to receive marketing emails or not.

The Bottom Line!

SugarCRM has made great strides in simplifying data privacy management processes for its customers and facilitating them in achieving compliance with these new regulations. Perhaps, the best part about these new features is that they come out-of-the-box on all the latest editions of Sugar and are configurable as per your unique needs.

If you want to learn more, be sure to check out: 5 Ways CRM Helps with GDPR Compliance.

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