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I had to disable and enable a dropdown on check/uncheck of a checkbox field in Sugar 7. I did the following customizations to accomplish the task:

    • First we will need to extend and override record view controller. Record view can be extended following the guidelines in Extending Sugar7 Record View.


  • Then in controller file we would need to bind an event on change of checkbox. Place the following code in initialize function
this.model.on("change:my_checkbox", this.DisableEnableDropdown, this);
  • Disable and EnableDropDown function

DisableEnableDropDown: function () {
  if(this.model.get('my_checkbox') != '1')
      $("[data-fieldname=mydropdown] input").select2('disable');
         $("[data-fieldname=mydropdown] input").select2('enable');

Once the files are in place, you will need to navigate to Admin > Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild.

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