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E-Commerce platform personalization creates a world of difference in how your business is perceived. Research has shown that consumers seek personalized experiences whenever they are shopping online. According to statistics in similar research, an overwhelming majority of customers, almost up to 80%, are either disgruntled by a lack of personalization on e-commerce platforms or simply abandon the platform because of it.   

This is a gigantic issue but one that can be adequately and quickly resolved through Magento implementation. Magento is a renowned and trusted eCommerce platform. It stands out among eCommerce platforms because it guarantees efficient and highly customizable web pages and eCommerce platforms. In addition to the smooth and attractive front-end interface, Magento’s deployment is a breeze. It offers unparalleled services for order management in your e-Commerce platform. What’s more, Magento extensions like One-Step Checkout are bound to drive your conversion rate higher than ever before. 

For now, let’s look at how Magento can assist you in building a unique customer experience through a personalized e-Commerce Platform. 

How to Achieve Personalization?

Personalization is not to be confused with customization. Magento customizations, or any software customizations for that matter, are geared towards optimizing the business processes internally. While personalization is a customer-oriented feature; it is a different ball-game altogether.

Personalizations are intended to enhance the customer experience by creating an environment of familiarity.  Businesses further create personalized pathways so that customers can navigate the online store with ease. Some top personalization examples include segmentation, product recommendations, email marketing, geo-location targeting, and category-specific discount coupons. Magento powered e-Commerce Platforms can easily check all the personalizations we have listed. 

One way to do this is through AI in Magento. AI can be used to promote machine learning in your eCommerce platform. This means that you can run an automatically adaptable interface. Your platform will pick up cues and serve the customers according to their preferences. You only have to set a prototype pathway and the system will immediately emulate it! Wait! This is not all. You barely need coding for this aspect, a few clicks and your eCommerce platform would be fired up! 

Let’s take a look at all how you can personalize your eCommerce platform with Magento. 

Personalize Every Possible Touchpoint with Magento 

Personalized Content on Webpages 

Content on your pages is a sure way to attract and sustain traffic. Magento Page Builder gives you several unique features that can be manipulated to set up adaptable and segmented web pages. You can direct your traffic to specialized pages based on the filters you have set. For example, if your eCommerce store caters to clients of different ages or interests, you can add pathways to direct your clients to pages that align the most with what they are looking for. Magento builds interactive web pages that can prompt the customer into choosing the pathway that is most relevant for them. 

Customize the Discovery Phase 

Discovery Phase is one of the most crucial phases; it is the make and breakpoint for this is the phase in which most customers decide if they wish to continue or not. For this phase, you can ensure that the client is hooked through your segmented pathways. At the same time, you can embed multiple forms and the customers can be directed to spaces or zones in your online store that displays things of their interest. 

Tailor Product Suggestions and Recommendations

You can use Magento to present amazingly agile cross-selling and up-selling options. Magento personalizes these options effectively by keeping customer history in mind. After analyzing the past purchases and search histories of your clients, Magento automatically tailors the suggestions according to the preferences of your customers. This option will not only positively impact your online store’s conversion rate but also increase customer experience and satisfaction. 

Unique Landing Pages 

Landing pages are your first interaction with the customer. As the saying goes ‘first impressions are the last impressions’. You start with a strong impression by building unique and highly interactive landing pages through Magento. You can make landing pages interactive and full of possibilities through AI in Magento. You can add forms, cross-sell, and up-sell clients. 

Personalized Email Marketing 

Magento can be integrated with CRMs like Sugar and Salesforce, depending on your needs, to push a holistic model of customer relations management. However, if you are not keen on getting a full-fledged CRM solution for your e-Commerce Platform, you can simply leverage the services of third-party marketing automation platforms. Platforms like Mautic, Marketo, or MailChimp can be utilized for impactful email marketing. The key to email marketing again is the personalization of communication. You can utilize these platforms to maintain contact and subscription lists. Once the integration is complete, you would not have to manually export or import information across Magento and your email marketing platform; the lists can be automatically updated.  

Third-party Integrations for Personalization 

Third-party integrations are not only good for email-marketing but have the potential to push the other aspects of your personalization project. For example, you can add Chat Boxes to your online store. AI in Magento will support this venture. Furthermore, you can add multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon among a thousand other options. Customers can choose the gateway which is most suitable for them. This personalization will boost the accessibility of your platform. 

Major Take Away

eCommerce Platforms benefit immensely from personalizations. In a market space that is supersaturated, this is the difference you need to increase the appeal of your online store. Magento offers you a perfect and dynamic platform to translate your vision. Interested in trying Magento? You can reach out to us at Rolustech and book a free consultation. We would be happy to assist you on your journey to build a personalized eCommerce Platform.


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