Email Archiving in Sugar 7

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In Email Archiving in Sugar 7 6.x.x, when you archive a single email with multiple records then that email will show in all related record’s history subpanel. Similarly, when you archive multiple emails against a single record, all archived emails against that record will be shown in the history subpanel. All this happens because in the history subpanel, emails are fetched through a relationship  and that is why all archived emails are shown in the  history subpanel under the specific record which is shown in the following diagram:


In Sugar 7.x.x, instead of showing history as a subpanel, there is a dashlet available for maintaining history on the right side of the Sugar screen. Now, users can view archived emails in the emails subpanel as well as in the history dashlet. The only difference is that when a user archives an email with multiple records, only the last record on the list having that email will be shown in the emails subpanel but can view all other archived emails linked with that record in the history dashlet which is shown in the following diagram:

Email Archiving

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