Email Archiving in SugarCRM- How to activate it?

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The email archiving functionality in SugarCRM allows you to automatically archive emails and link them to your records in Sugar. Whether you are using Gmail, Outlook or any other platform, this functionality works with all email clients. You do not need to pay extra money to buy any plugin for this purpose.

This functionality, however, needs to be activated in Sugar. Once it is done, Sugar will generate an email address that is unique to your instance. Adding this unique email address as a recipient in the To, CC or BCC fields will import the email into your Sugar database. It will then match it against all other From, To & CC addresses against every email address that exists in the database. And that’s not all. Sugar will also scan the body of the email to archive the email to records with a matching email address. The email will automatically appear in the History subpanel for any Sugar record with a matching email address.

How to activate Email Archiving in Sugar?

Follow the four steps listed below to start archiving emails in Sugar:

1. Go to Admin, then click on Email Archiving.

2. Read the privacy agreement and then check the “I agree” checkbox.

3. Click “Enable Email Archiving”.

4. Your instance’s unique email archiving address will be displayed in the Email Archiving Address field.

Note: Disabling Email Archiving will permanently delete your instance’s unique email archiving address. Upon re-activation, a new unique address will be generated.

Gmail & Sugar users pay attention!

Rolustech has developed an award winning SugarCRM plugin RT GSync which is the perfect data syncing solution for Sugar and Google apps including Gmail.

Email Archiving in SugarCRM

Besides its other functionalities, RT GSync automates email archiving for all the incoming and outgoing emails. The email data gets synchronized between the two platforms. The synced data is then associated with the concerned records to facilitate managing correspondence history. If you send and receive emails from Gmail, they automatically get archived with the associated records in Sugar.

Give RT GSync a go. Start your 30 day free trial by following the link. 

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