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Against the backdrop of revolutionary advancement in tech, email still has not lost its importance and remains to be the primary means of communicating with customers. It is an extremely powerful yet low-cost solution as it allows businesses to reach out to customers across the globe instantly. The Email module in SugarCRM enables users to send personal emails to contacts, auto-create cases and auto-associate emails to cases, notify customers of case status changes, notify contacts of various events via workflows and send email campaigns. However, SugarCRM’s email functionality has its own limitations, which leaves a lot to be desired from a business’ point of view.

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The reason why Sugar is loved by enterprises worldwide lies in its flexible, extensible, scalable and versatile nature. If you are just relying on an out-of-the-box Sugar solution, then you are not utilizing your CRM to its full potential and hence not maximizing your ROI. The Email module in SugarCRM can be made significantly more robust through various customizations. Here, I am going to share four such customizations that we have done for our clients in the Rolustech Case Studies over the years which enhanced the functionality of the Email module in Sugar. Not only did it help our clients bolster sales by acquiring more leads but also boosted productivity by streamlining business operations.

So let’s get the ball rolling

1. Creation of Lead from Email

Anyone who sends you an email inquiring about your product/service is a potential client. They are definitely interested in what your business has to offer and that is why they went through the hassle of reaching out to you. With this customization, a lead will be created automatically in Sugar corresponding to the name of the potential client and the product they are interested in. Once a lead is generated, the relevant salesperson can follow up to ensure that the lead gets converted into a customer.

2. Automatic Email Archiving

Rolustech has developed an award-winning plugin called RT GSync which is the perfect data syncing solution for Sugar and Google apps. Besides its other functionalities, RT GSync automates Gmail archiving for all incoming and outgoing emails; email data gets synchronized between the two platforms. The synced data is then associated with the concerned records to facilitate managing correspondence history. If you send and receive emails from Gmail, they automatically get archived with the associated records in SugarCRM.

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3. Automatic Email Generation

This customization is extremely beneficial for Project Managers who are handling multiple projects and teams simultaneously and find it difficult to track the progress of each project. Whenever there is an important announcement or an update related to the status of a project, an automatic email is generated to aid the project managers in taking the appropriate steps.

4. Signature Customization

Email signatures are a standard part of the marketing of any business as they are an effective way to generate click-throughs to your website and acquire leads.

Additionally, there are also ways in which you can do field modification in Sugar to stay ahead of the curve. This ensures that users enhance the functionality of their CRM and make the most of their investment in customer relationship management software for small businesses.

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Bottom Line:

To leverage Sugar, you need to get it customized as an out-the-box-solution would not entirely serve your business needs. Email customization is just one module where we have helped our clients reap the full benefits of Sugar. You can similarly get other modules customized in SugarCRM to run your business from a single unified platform.

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