Features of Asterisk Integration in SugarCRM


If you are connected to the call center industry, one way or the other, you must be familiar with asterisk connector SugarCRM Integration . Today many clients from customer facing business industry demand for Asterisk Integration in their high profile CRM solutions. This integration provides valuable features to support Customer Relationship Management through cost effective telephonic solution. The list of its amazing features including:

  • Click to call functionality.
  • Incoming popup displaying caller name, number and last communicated message.
  • Call monitoring.
  • Note taking feature.
  • Follow-up task creation option.
  • In-built activities bar (Showing list of recent activities)
  • Leads, Contacts and Accounts can be created from popup.
  • Automatic Call for leads, contacts and accounts only if number already exists.
  • Voice recording facility.
  • Call transfer or call hang-up functionality from the popup window.
  • Automated call logging (online and offline).
  • Call Analytics.

SugarCRM Integration and Asterisk integrations both together are active in serving the CR’s Customer Representative but their services are not confined to “Call Centers” all alone. There are so many other domains enjoying benefit of both.


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