Field Customization in SugarCRM – Are you getting your desired ROI?


Many people wonder why SugarCRM is loved by businesses across the globe. What is so special about Sugar that it has been readily adopted by millions of users worldwide? The answer is simple. It offers highly flexible and detailed customization options, providing businesses with a solution tailored to their needs and specifications.  

Why do you need custom fields?

Getting an out-of-the-box Sugar solution means putting your feet on the first rung of the ladder. It may even help you take the first few steps but if you truly desire to reach the top, you need to get it customized so that you can manage your entire business operations from within your CRM. One of the most important aspects is to have customized fields that reflect the nature of the industry you are operating in. A field is the equivalent of a column in the database table, just as an entity correlates to a table.  For example, a photography business owner would like to have a customized wedding module. In that module, there should be fields for venue, time of day, delivery date, etc.     

Field Customizations – A few examples

Over the years we have customized fields for our SugarCRM clients who belong to different industry verticals be it manufacturing, financial, healthcare, etc. Let’s take a look at few of the customizations that helped our clients carry out their business functions in a more effective fashion. Bear in mind though, these customizations are just a few examples of the endless possibilities that Sugar offers.

1. Phone Field Customization

This customization ensures that at least one of the phone number fields is filled. Moreover, it also auto populates the country area code in Sugar.

2. Custom Email Field

This was done for one of our clients who needed a new Email field in his Account and Contact Record view with the same functionality as the default email field so he could enter multiple emails of a client in the system. It has almost all the features that are available in the email field present in the out of-the-box Sugar solution.

Field Customization in SugarCRM

3. Auto Population by postal code

We also implemented a custom field in Sugar which requires a postal address. Using that postal address, all related information is automatically populated like state, country etc in Sugar.

Bottom Line:

“Everyone’s path to success is different, because everyone’s definition of success is different.” This applies to businesses as well, even to those who operate in the same industry vertical. You need to do something different to stand out from the crowd or else you will become a part of it. Your CRM should reflect your exact business processes if you want to utilize the software to its fullest. Getting a customized Sugar solution will be the first step that you will take in your journey to success.

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