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Accurate forecasting is as essential to your business as weather forecasting is to the captain of a Boeing 747. Just as the captain is responsible to give orders to his crew and ensure the well-being of the passengers, it is the management’s responsibility to give direction to their teams and maintain customer satisfaction.

Today, businesses must be well equipped to not only predict sales targets but also anticipate the changing market trends. Otherwise they will miss out on critical business opportunities and will not be able to meet customer demands.

CRM to the rescue!

     For some, manual forecasting may seem easy. But collecting relevant data history and applying them to construct models, which make sense, can be a formidable task. Thankfully today CRM has the right tools available to do the math for you

     CRM makes use of data history to create trends and patterns to give you a clear picture of what the future may look like. It is a useful tool for the sales team to set their targets and for the marketing teams to focus on the trends before they launch their next campaign. A CRM, with its various built in features, not only keeps the managers on the same page with their teams but also allows them to anticipate revenue and plan future activities.

     A salesperson can be optimistic about the current position of sales however, may be pessimistic when it comes to setting future targets. A CRM on the other hand cannot be biased.  The projections will be based on facts and numbers so that you always get an accurate sales forecast.

How about some Sugar?

     When BoxOp, a Copenhagen based mailbox and installation services Company, experienced rapid business growth, they realized that they needed a new CRM system. A system which could solve their planning and forecasting problems and help them anticipate demand with increased efficiency. BoxOp found the perfect solution in SugarCRM. This allowed them to create accurate reports and sales forecasts as their business expanded to multiple locations across Denmark.

     Forecasting without the right tools is just as good as flipping a coin. Sugar helps ensure that your numbers are accurate and realistic. Sales reps can create and modify unlimited scenarios, with the option of Best, Worst, and Likely cases, before committing to a forecast. Sales managers can easily see all committed targets, modify quotas and forecasts, track changes, adjust commitments, and assign quotas.

     Sugar, with its forecast feature, offers unlimited what-if scenarios and allows a real time graphical view of the sales progress. Moreover, managers and team leads can view the entire team’s quotas and forecasts on a single page or platform.

Aim for the Bullseye!

     In a world where companies invest in the latest technologies to improve their efficiency, you cannot live in the past and rely on traditional or inefficient forecasting methods. It’s time to set the course and use a CRM solution that keeps your business one step ahead of your competitors in the future.

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