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Are you not accepting online payments from your customers? If so, you risk losing them to competitors who let them make online purchases from the comfort of their homes. Even more baffling is the fact that you are using SugarCRM, a highly robust, versatile and extensible CRM software, and still not making the most out of it by integrating your website with a payment gateway.

GoCardless – A Brief Introduction

GoCardless is a UK based online Direct Debit provider. Direct Debit is an automated payment method that allows merchants to pull payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts. The salient features of the system are:

1. Direct Debit is pull-based – once given a mandate by his customer, it is the merchant who initiates Direct Debit payments. The customer doesn’t need to lift a finger.

2. Direct Debit payments are bank-to-bank – there are no card networks involved in the Direct Debit scheme. All communications happen directly between the banks.

Why Integrate Sugar with GoCardless?

To avoid cash flow problems, you need to have a proper mechanism in place to manage your company’s finances while at the same time offer multiple payment options for added convenience for your customers. With the advancements in automation and the world rapidly moving towards a cashless economy, businesses face unprecedented pressure to accept payments online.

GoCardless is an extremely user-friendly payment gateway which, when integrated with Sugar, will empower you to bill customers, process payments and track transaction history from within the CRM. You will get instant notifications if customers fail to make payments or if payments are cancelled. Having an automated payment collection system will allow you to stay on top of your business at all times.

Additionally, to further streamline all your finances and cut the hassle of juggling different software, you can also integrate accounting platforms with CRM to efficiently manage your financial operations.

GoCardless & SugarCRM Integration – Case Study

We have integrated GoCardless with Sugar for a number of our clients over the years and helped them manage their finances efficaciously. Let’s take a look at one of our clients, HOSB, for whom this integration with SugarCRM was carried out.

House of St. Barnabas (HOSB)

gocardless and sugarcrm integration

The House of St. Barnabas, formerly known as the House of Charity, was founded in 1846 in London, United Kingdom. The charity was established to construct a future where lasting employment is a reality for those who are victims of homelessness and social exclusion in the society. In order to achieve their goal, an employment academy was set-up to provide people with a chance to improve their key skills which are necessary for building a brighter future.

The House of St. Barnabas was attracting a lot of public attention and saw a rise in the number of members. However, the growing number of member subscriptions became difficult to manage. The increase in members meant that the House of St. Barnabas had to deal with more payments but the current system in place wasn’t efficient enough. Rolustech proceeded by carrying out a number of integrations with Sugar. These included integrations with GoCardless, Xero accounting software and Sage. These integrations automated the entire system of payments which included participation fee, donations and other miscellaneous cash flows.

The Bottom Line!

Payment Gateways are quintessential for internet commerce. GoCardless is one of the best ways to collect direct debit for all SMBs. By integrating it with Sugar, you can effectively streamline all your business payments and billing processes.

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