Google Sales Map for Sugar 7



Being able to locate geographical location of Accounts, Leads and Contact on Google sales Map within SugarCRM can be of immense importance for any business. With visual representation of your data, decision making and planning for future needs can be done easily. Using Google Sales Map tool you can achieve the following features inside SugarCRM.

Map Settings:  Settings page allow the user to select what data will be shown on the Google map. User can select modules (Accounts, Leads, and Contacts) to be displayed on the map. For a particular module, field on which filter will be applied could be selected. Options for the selected field can be enabled and disabled for map. Colors could be assigned to the options for better visual analysis.

For clear view user can also specify the number of record to be shown on the map. This way congestion of too many pins on the map could be avoided.




Radius Search: User can perform radius search on the map. This way all the accounts, leads and contacts within the specified radius could be highlighted and decision regarding geographical areas could be made.

google sales







Driving directions with multiple routes:

User can find out driving directions and multiple routes between two locations on the map.








Sales Map is available for SugarCRM versions 6.5.5 to 7.1.5.

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