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As a consequence of the referendum that ensued from Greece’s debt crisis, the Greeks rejected Eurozone’s proposals for rescuing Greece from defaulting on its payments to the IMF. This referendum, though voiced the decidedness of the Greek opinion, rendered the Greek future decidedly uncertain. This uncertainty came with the fear of the impending “Grexit”, leaving Greece with no plan at all.

But imagine a world where Greece had never defaulted on its payments. This Utopian notion could have been a reality had Greece relied on the right CRM tool to manage its payments. Here’s how a CRM system could have made adequate arrangements for Greece with no strings attached.

  1. Maintained a Transaction History

The right CRM tool would have served as a repository of information, maintaining data on loans, payments, and transactions. Thus, all Greece had to do was to look up the transaction history as maintained by the CRM system and make payments accordingly. Would Greece have defaulted on its payments? No, of course not! The CRM system would have aided Greece in decision making by evaluating stored data and steering it in the right direction before it made a move that would have had similar repercussions, leaving the country’s economy in shambles.

Additionally, CRM has a number of industry applications. Take the example of the telecommunication industry where Telecom CRM has proved to be a game-changer in maintaining databases and keeping track of all business transactions.

  1. Automated Reminders and Payment Notifications

The right CRM tool would have offered features like creating follow-up dates and follow-up notes that would have helped in prioritizing payments and their recipients. An intelligent CRM system would have informed Greece of the potential lenders who could have alleviated its misery by lending the right amount to settle the debt over the five years, had such a situation arisen in the first place.

  1. Automated Recurring Billing (ARB)

By employing ARB, Greece could have easily evaded the debt crisis by making installment-based payments. Imagine a world where Greece could expand its payment options and manage a secure data center. That world could have been more than just a construct of the mind had Greece used the right CRM tool.

Key Takeaway!

A CRM system like SugarCRM, that provides keen insights on the country’s debt crisis, would have helped combat this economic crunch. Had the right CRM software been in place, Greece could have taken care of its debts, curtailing the debt crisis which had a domino effect on the country’s economy.

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