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The hugely popular SugarCRM Plugin – RT Telephony just got a brand new release and we’re here with all the new features that are set to springboard you to a whole new level. Establishing a connection with your customers is arguably the most crucial aspect of a successful business relationship and there’s no better side-kick for this job than Twilio Telephony. This internet telephony platform gives you all the functionality you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively, and our SugarCRM Plugin integrates Twilio with your Sugar.  With its click to call functionality, call-forwarding features, and interactive voice response, you simply can’t go wrong with this Sugar plugin. Taking the spotlight back in 2013, RT Telephony has evolved into an indispensable CRM add-on.

Read on for a breakdown of all the new internet telephony stuff we’ve added to RT Telephony.

Dial-pad, Notes, and Popup

The new RT Telephony release comes with a number of new features in the calls section. A new popup shows up whenever you initiate a call and judging by the first look of it, you can see there’s some new stuff you can do in this window. First, you can now choose a medium to call the customer from, pick browser or phone depending on your preference and move forward.

Internet Telephony

During the call, you have two new features towards the bottom of the popup. Clicking on the left icon will open a Notepad that you can use to store important information during the call. Let’s say your customer gives you a new contact number, instead of stumbling around for a pen and paper, simply open the notepad and fire away.

Internet Telephony

There’s also a dial-pad that you can use to put in extension numbers.

Internet Telephony

When it’s all done and dusted, you’ll notice a new icon shows up after you end the call. Clicking on this will open up your call details.

Internet Telephony

This new RT Telephony consolidates all the information and tools you need during the call and ensures you have everything you need on fingertips.

Now moving on to incoming calls, you can save unknown numbers as either a contact or a lead. Simply click on the plus icon on the top left side and select one of the two available options. You can also forward a call to any available user.

Internet Telephony

SMS Campaigns

Now you can set SMS campaigns inside RT Telephony and send them out to your target lists. The process is fairly easy to comprehend and deploy. Simply head on over to the “SMS Queue” and click on “SMS Campaign”. But before you can move on to the SMS Campaign, you need to create a campaign template. Add Name, Start time, Objectives, and Descriptions to set your first SMS Campaign template and move on to the Template content section.

Internet Telephony

Here you can also use our “link shortening” feature to save character space and add more flavor to your primary content. You can also see this template in the list of templates. Now when you create an SMS Campaign you can select this template from the drop down menu, add in the rest of the details and you’re good to go.

Internet Telephony

Once you’re done, click save and the following screen will show up.

Internet Telephony

Click Send SMS, choose target list and schedule the timing for the SMS Campaign and it will automatically roll out the messages. Simple as that!


Yes, you read that right. RT Telephony now supports emojis. This means you can now use your favorite round little friends in your text conversations inside RT Telephony. Simply click on the contact and a chat window will pop up on the right side corner. You’ll notice there’s a new icon next to the send icon. Click and the emoji bar will show up. Choose any emoji you want and send it away.

Internet Telephony

Bottom Line!

These cool new features in RT Telephony improve user experience and put all the right tools in the right places for a more productive use. The new features to the Call section helps sales teams stay on top of client requests and issues, SMS Campaigns can help you get a holistic view of your marketing efforts, and emojis add just the right amount of flavor to your internet telephony activities. These features make RT Telephony a must-have SugarCRM Plugin to fully leverage the benefits of CRM in the Call Center industry. Hop on to the latest version of RT Telephony now because now you have 3 amazing reasons to do it.

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