How SugarCRM improves Customer Experience?



In the age of digital marketing, words spread quicker than you can imagine, and all it takes is a few negative customer experiences to hurt your business. As Customer Experience (CX) is more important than ever before, smart businesses have been able to leverage on this by adopting a customer-centric approach.

According to O’Keeffe, an independent market research company, 93% of business leaders believe that improving their customers’ experience is one of their top priorities and 97% state that customer experience is most critical to their business success. Because positive customer experience lies at the heart of every successful business, it has become imperative to enhance customer experience.

The Key to Success

In order to improve customer experience, businesses should organize their day-to-day operations around the customers.

It should start by analyzing their customer journey, from start till end, to identify which touch points are causing problems, which can be easily improved and which need immediate attention.

This way business can have a 360-degree overview of every touch point which they can use to enhance customer service, resulting in a much more consistent and quality customer experience.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers!

As there is a solid correlation between happy employees and happy customers, CRM makes it convenient for every employee of your business to deliver a tailored customer service.

The visibility of customer information, coupled with social media platforms, allows every employee to stay on top with their customers’ preferences and past choices.

CRM not only provide essential support to the employees, but also gives them more time to engage productively with the customers – taking customer experience to the next level.

Customer Experience Redefined

BancVue Ltd., a leading US-based financial services company that sell technology and marketing products to regional banks, deployed Sugar to redefine their customer experience across multiple touch points.

Sugar has really given our sales team an understanding of the prospect before talking to them, so it’s not just a cold call,” said Thomas Shields, the VP of Marketing Program Delivery.

As part of its customer-focused business transformation, BancVue outlined several business process changes that would improve the customer experience, and used Sugar to operationalize them – translating them into the actions to deliver a more consistent and positive customer experience at every interaction.

“It’s a quick way for them to demonstrate they’ve done their research. It makes for a much more graceful conversation,” Shields adds. As a result of this, BancVue was able to generate 3 times as many leads as before by understanding and analyzing their customer’s journey.

Clearly, the secret of ongoing business success lies with the ‘happy’ customers. Any business that is not able to provide a quality customer service will soon find itself out of the race.

With the help of Sugar, businesses can take customer experience, as well as employee satisfaction, to the next level. As it is significant to meet the growing expectations of the customers, Sugar has emerged as your go-to business strategy in this age of digital marketing.

Rolustech has a decade long experience with SugarCRM Community Edition and has helped more than 500 firms with custom implementations of SugarCRM.

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