INBOX25 – Complete Marketing Automation Solution

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Most leading CRMs like Salesforce and SugarCRM provide ample basic marketing automation functionalities and essential features like lead management, email marketing and ROI reporting out of the box. However if you’re planning to take things up a notch, look no further than INBOX25.

INBOX25 - Complete Marketing Automation Solution

INBOX25 is an all-encompassing and comprehensive marketing automation platform that helps your business excel.

Here are its key features:

Lead Generation

You can leverage INBOX25’s intuitive page builder to create intelligent contact forms, surveys, registration forms and more to take your lead creation and nurturing processes to the next level. You can track and monitor anonymous website visitors and convert them into valuable leads whom you can contact.

Email Marketing

Intelligent email marketing is the cornerstone of INBOX25’s marketing automation platform. You can send unlimited targeted and behavior-driven emails to your records. You can gain valuable insights by effectively monitoring record activity and email content ROI. Moreover, you can set up dynamic Smart campaigns that help you reach and engage targets more effectively.

Social Marketing

Social Connect is a complete Social Media Management Platform within INBOX25 . It connects directly to your marketing database and lets you create campaigns, deliver content, engage with your audience and measure your social ROI.

Drip Campaigns

Content Stream is INBOX25’s highly dynamic Drip Campaign solution. It has been designed to help you create and manage an intelligent dialog with your leads and customers. You have complete control over content prioritization and delivery. Couple this with the highly targeted smart campaigns of INBOX25 and you have a recipe for marketing success.

Journey Management

INBOX25’s Visual Journey Builder makes it possible for marketers to plan, personalize, and optimize customer journeys across multiple channels without any technical expertise. They can leverage real-time customer events and behaviors to provide the ideal experience to their customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Click Campaigns

Click Campaigns in Inbox25 make it easier than ever to generate and publish CTAs such as Pay-Per-Click ads, banner ads, blog posts and more. Moreover, you can accurately measure each campaign’s ROI using detailed analytics that include Unique/Total clicks, geo-location, lead conversion status and revenue.

CRM Integration

Unlike its rivals, INBOX25 offers Real-time, bi-directional data synchronization with your CRM. This means that you can sync leads and contacts in real-time, automate tasks, analyze opportunities and influence the journey of your lead or customers based on CRM data events instantly. It thus eliminates the disconnect between marketing automation and CRM and ensures more responsive marketing programs.

The Bottom Line!

We at Rolustech strive to bring you the most innovative solutions that help you and your business to flourish and thrive. Therefore, we take great pleasure in announcing our new partnership with INBOX25. You can schedule a Free CRM Consultation Session to learn more about the INBOX25  platform and how you can leverage the most in-depth marketing automation solution for SugarCRM, Salesforce and SuiteCRM. Moreover, if you want to further drive efficiency in your marketing automation and maximize the ROI on marketing campaigns, you can also leverage other marketing automation plugins with CRM to skyrocket your business growth. 

Rolustech is a Salesforce Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 900 firms with various Salesforce Integrations and Customization. Get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist you.

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