Interface level changes in Sugar CRM 7.2.0

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(Updated on June 2021) 

[The latest version of Sugar is 10.3.0 which has many changes and advanced features. It is only available for SugarCloud deployments. The new version offers seamless integration with Sugar Discover. The user interface has dashboard floating action buttons, multiple note attachments, and the option to filter inactive users. 

The studio and administration enhancements include improved click-to-call, a new Sugar Logic function, and a read-only field option.

The latest version has resolved all of the issues that were raised in the previous ones.]

Recent Activity in Preview

Changes in Preview of a Record

The intelligence pane on the right shows the preview of the record, charts and lists. In addition to all these, all the recent activities performed on the record are also shown now. With all the information on a single screen, the user gets holistic view regarding a particular record. Analysis and decision making improves thus, improving the overall CRM experience.

Inline Editing Available for BWC Module’s Sub panel

For backward compatibility (bwc) modules inline editing is available in Sugar 7.2.0. This helps improve user experience as the users need not move to the sub panel record view and then click the Edit button before making a data change for a particular record.

sugar crm


Create Filter button is added on list view of sidecar modules

For filtering the records on the list view “Create” button is added. This helps creating filters for list view, which could be saved as well. User does not have to go through all the options in the filter drop down and then start creating filters. All the frequently used actions are readily available on the views; so that users need not waste time on intermediate tasks needed for analysis.


Ordering of fields on list view

Fields order on the list view can be changed by simply dragging and dropping the field’s labels across the list view header. There is no need to make changes in the code; any users can change the field order, which also gets saved as user preference.

FieldOrdering 1 FieldOrdering2


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