Key Benefits of SugarCRM for Insurance Agencies

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Customer relationship is of paramount importance for a business to grow and keep a strong footing. Business 101 tells you that your customers are your biggest asset, and periodic interactions with your clients are a must to keep yourself in their minds. However, if you’re an insurance agency, chances are you seldom manage to interact with a client.

Why is that? Because most people buy an insurance policy and literally forget about it. This makes it twice as hard for insurance companies to cultivate and understand their clients or their habits to market their insurance policies. What you need is insurance agency management software; and not just any, but the best in the market. This is where SugarCRM comes to the rescue. 

SugarCRM can provide deeper knowledge of clients, strengthen current accounts, resolve issues and basically hold all your bits and pieces of data together. You can get it customized to suit your agency’s particular needs and turn it into the best insurance agency management software.

Let’s explore how by looking at some of the key benefits of SugarCRM for insurance agencies.

Clean Auditing

Auditing histories can make or break a company. One of the most important factors to compete in the insurance industry is an excellent track record with regulatory bodies. If a client’s putting their money in your organization, they want to know you’re clean. Command the trust of your customers by using a SugarCRM that handles data and transactions with a built-in feature. Analyze record history, view summaries, track user activity in real-time. You can also set up Quickbooks for your insurance agency by integrating said software with your insurance agency management software. Bring the best of both inside Sugar and aim for the stars.

Track Progress

SugarCRM comes with numerous built-in reporting features. It covers all basic reports i.e. revenue, client lists, and campaigns etc. but certain industries have certain specific needs. SugarCRM certified developers came up with metrics specific to insurance companies i.e.:

  • Policy Status
  • Premiums Status
  • Client Applications
  • Policy-based coverage
  • Agent Progress

All these features present a streamlined view of the day-to-day processes of an insurance company. You can view detailed charts for analysis with the click of a button.

Boost Customer Service

As we said, insurance agencies seldom manage to keep in touch with clients. With a SugarCRM, you can close this gap by implementing it on your service team. Find all the data on your clients in one place. Target those who are midway through their policies, with giveaways and rewards, and educate them about the value of their insurance policies. Keep track of their life events to maintain cordial relationships with them. Make the most of SugarCRM custom fields to customize the UI with life events, policy status fields and more to keep your organization always a step ahead.

Optimize and Automate Workflows

A lot of paperwork, authorizations, and attestations go into creating a policy and registering a client. It can be a tiresome affair if you have a big client list. Finding which client is at which stage could seem like finding a needle in a haystack, and the last thing you need is missed deadlines on policy renewals or premiums. Sidestep all of this with SugarCRM where you can track clients at every step of the decision process. You can also make use of SugarCRM integrations to automate repetitive tasks i.e. follow-up emails and billing procedures; or provide self-service features to help them follow their claims. Not to mention, you can utilize your system as a lead generation software for your insurance agents since you can feed data from web forms, emails, websites to your Sugar. 

Our Two Bits!

It’s pretty evident that in today’s age of cut-throat competition, SugarCRM can give you an edge in every aspect of your organization’s management. Keep an excellent track record with regulatory bodies, track all your clientele in one place, automate workflows and keep your clients coming back for more with improved customer service; all with a customized open source insurance agency management software. What more could you possibly need? Get in touch now and make your very own insurance agency management software.

Contact us at Rolustech, an Official SugarCRM and Salesforce Partner Firm. We have helped more than 900 firms with various SugarCRM and Salesforce customization and integrations. Get your FREE consultation session now!

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