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Armed with a better understanding of the customers, businesses are now leveraging on information technology to generate as many leads as possible. While many businesses still rely on traditional lead generation strategies, such as face-to-face networking or word-of-mouth referrals, past trends have shown a rapid change in the landscape of lead generation.

Nowadays, the most effective lead generation strategy is the one that is not aimed at short-term gains but instead are focusing on long-term customer winning relationships. Therefore, business must carefully invest time and resources on nurturing stronger ties with their customers. Lead generation, as a result, has become a business process that should be structured and organized around the customers.

Your One-Stop Shop

With the advent of the information technology, businesses have discovered betters ways of reaching out to their customers amidst all the noise and haste. One such way is to manage and generate leads with the help of a CRM.

From capturing leads to tracking opportunities, CRM provides all relevant internal and external data to boost growth, performance and productivity. In particular, businesses can conveniently identify up-and-coming leads that have the potential to become a customer. Whether your leads come from email marketing, business cards at industry seminars or any other source, CRM has the ability to easily identify and import leads into your system.

It allows businesses to enhance their ability of mapping sales, marketing, and support processes in order to maximize their lead generation efforts. By mapping out a process of when and how to use leads, CRM provides complete support to every sales person with regard to lead management.

Sweet Science of Leads

By integrating email marketing with Sugar, 3Dconnexion, a leading worldwide manufacturer of 3D navigation technology, increased their sales leads by 700 percent over a period of three years. The lead management of Sugar helped 3Dconnexion to monitor and optimize their entire sales process, resulting in higher lead conversion.

“Once we were introduced to Sugar’s ease of use and flexibility, we were confident that we could implement a truly consistent platform with genuine innovation that would significantly improve our efficiency,” says Raik Brauns, the Online Marketing Manager of 3Dconnexion.

As the goal of business is to convert leads into revenue, Sugar tracks your new and existing business leads, converts these leads into opportunities and relates these new opportunities to the accounts, contacts, and employees in charge of selling to those accounts. This allows your sales team to follow up with a newly created lead as quickly as possible.

Sugar not only rescues employees from creating record information but also maintains separate records in the database that represents potential versus paying customers, making it convenient to identify the relevant lead.

As lead management is the backbone of a sales business, Sugar, by filtering out the unqualified leads, helps your sales team with more productive and profitable leads. This makes your sales team more effective as they can direct their energy on qualified prospects only – resulting in better ties.

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