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Research shows that web traffic is rapidly shifting to mobile phones. According to Forrester Consulting, web traffic from cell phones makes up 52% of the total traffic. This figure is expected to go up in the coming years! The writing is on the wall: to sustain traffic, eCommerce businesses have to find a way to enhance the mobile shopping experience.  Don’t worry, Magento has got a plan for you.  

You can provide excellent shopping experience on mobile phones through Magento Progressive Web App Studio. Progressive Web Apps Studio sounds confusing, right? Let’s look at it in detail 

PWA: What does it mean?

Progressive Web Apps are a relatively new technology. People who are visiting websites from mobile phones can enjoy an app-like experience without downloading the actual application. The experiential demands of tech-savvy users would be satisfied. The mobile shopping experience will be transformed with this technology; it will be lightning-fast and engaging! 

Magento’s Progressive Website Apps Studio has been created for developers. They can use the studio to develop Magento websites optimized for mobile users. Together with  Magento’s Page Builder, you can get excellent websites for both desktop and mobile users! 

Deliver Exceptional Mobile Shopping Experience To Clients

Right now, the online shopping experience from the mobile is marked by mediocrity. Most customers prefer to shop from their computers or laptops. Some of the problems reported by mobile clients include; slow page loading, lack of page optimization, and difficulty in accessing all the features on the websites. 

Provide a Native App-like Website 

Similarly, native applications come with their own set of limitations. Mobile application download is not preferred by 50% of mobile users. In addition to this, native applications consume more data and are costly to develop. Why spend so much time and money on a technology that is not as effective? Magento website development is regarded highly for its creativity. Once you top-it-up with PWA Studio, your clients would be able to enjoy an app-like experience.

Entice with Inviting Interface 

PWAs are designed to display only the most essential user-content.  Magento web designs are already celebrated for their innovation. When coupled with PWA technology,  your clients will enjoy smooth page scrolling, relevant animations, and intuitive navigation. What’s more, the inviting visual environment will increase engagement and exploration. 

Increase your Outreach & Discoverability  

By using PWA, you will immediately increase the outreach of your eCommerce platform. PWAs are an accessible option for clients with low internet bandwidth or limited data. Furthermore, PWAs require minimal data and storage commitment. Thus, you can tap into unexplored and emerging markets through PWAs. 

Anyone can access your Magento store through the browser making it more discoverable. PWAs also show up easily in Google searches. Native applications, on the other hand, are usually difficult to access because of gatekeeping by app stores.

Seamless Updates & Uninterrupted browsing

PWAs are automatically updated in real-time. They eliminate the need for regular store initiated updates required for native applications. The script of PWAs runs in the background to store data locally. This means that your clients can enjoy an uninterrupted browsing experience even during periods of internet lapses!

Available across browsers

PWAs are available across different browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari among many others. Clients just have to visit your eCommerce platform to enjoy the optimal shopping experience. 

What will Merchants get out of Magento PWA? 

Merchants are increasingly seeking PWA technology because of the following reasons: 

Higher Conversion Rate 

User-friendly layouts compel users to not only complete their orders but also add a few more items. You will see a definite rise in your conversion rate after going to PWAs. 

Save Time and Resources

PWAs use the same code base that you wrote for the website. Similarly, they are cheaper to deploy and develop than a native app. You can, thus, save a lot of time and resources. 

Enjoy the freedom that comes from PWA Deployment

PWAs enjoy a vast distribution because they do not have to follow the restrictions placed by app stores. You can also avoid the revenue share agreements by app stores and enjoy greater outreach on your own.

That’s A Wrap! 

Magento is an ideal option for e-Commerce platforms. It can be used to set up dynamic eCommerce platforms. AI in Magento further ensures that your website is both interactive and dynamic. Additionally, Magento is a highly customizable option and comes with several exciting extensions. Magento PWA Studio will take your online store to a whole new level and make it accessible to millions of mobile uses. Interested in acquiring Magento? Reach out to us at Rolustech to discuss your options!


Interested? Rolustech is a  Magento Partner firm. Our experts are equipped to develop a full-service Magento e-commerce platform and Magento Website– one  that serves your business in every way possible. We also provide Magento Customization and Integration services. Get in touch today for a FREE Business Analysis session. 

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