Literal Meaning of CRM


The three alphabets of CRM are not merely alphabets, put together as an acronym. It’s a wordy representation of complete business strategy and technology, designed to manage relationships with customers; streamline business processes, manage operational affairs etc. The literal meaning of CRM is  is quite self-explanatory and it can easily be sympathized if the word: CRM- Customer Relationship Management, is segregate into the three tenants i.e:

  1. Customer
  2. Relationship
  3. Management.

Meaning of CRM

CRM serves the three amalgamated key constituents of every trade. To grasp the literal meaning  real logic of CRM, let’s look into every tenant one by one.


Customers are the most important stakeholders of every trade as without them, no company can survive. If you are an entrepreneur, you must be acquainted with the fact that customers are the building blocks of every business and their ultimate support is the reason behind your established organization. Understanding, the key importance of customers for a business, CRM software follows customer-centric approach and delivers a combination of transactional, analytical, and engagement features to manage all customer-facing operations. CRM consolidates customer information and renders deep customer insight. Additionally, CRM also automates workflows to handle customer interactions and proposes multichannel robust support so that every customer interaction is attended and served.


Business in not a one-shot event, it is a consistent effort that you put to market your product and service among people over and over again to maximize sales and cut down the operational cost. One cannot achieve the ultimate goal of their trade that is maximizing profit, until they share good relationships with the customers. Hence, you need to keep your customers in a loop. The importance of it can be predicted from the newly generated hype given to ROR that is the descriptive term used for Return on Relationships (ROR). ROR helps businesses stand on trust of their clients which eventually translates into brand recognition and revenue.

Can you see your customers flicking away? I am sure nobody can. To build and retain relationships, CRM software proposes a number of features that serve the purpose and helps entrepreneurs in maximizing their ROR. One significant feature of CRM in this regard is the centralized database that maintains customer information and makes sure nothing is missed out.


If you aspire to be successful in your business, management is the key.  The managing facet of CRM is responsible for end-to-end management including simulation, automation, control, and monitoring of business processes. It facilitates organizations in four major management related domains including analysis, process designing, forecasting and implementation of business strategies and helps the top level management in developing strategic plans for their business’ substantial growth. CRM can do everything for you from streamlining business processes, data management, and providing unprecedented visibility into data to reporting assessments and analyses. It assists you throughout your journey at all management levels, let it be of executive level, managerial level or personal performance level. It has something for everything in a business.



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