MailChimp integration with Sugar CRM



In an era where internet is considered a vital necessity, one can image the impact of email marketing. Email marketing can be very effective and almost all businesses would like to use it. Sugar CRM users also need to run campaigns and for this purpose target lists have to be created. These target lists can include leads, contacts and other modules.  Maintaining these lists can be a hectic job.

Mail Chimp integration with SugarCRM can make email marketing a much easier task. MailChimp and Sugar CRM contacts can be synced bi-directionally. There is no need to waste time manually exporting and importing data every time you want to run another campaign. MailChimp tool is scalable and efficient that does the work for you behind the scenes. Duplication while syncing the lists can cause problems, but MailChimp tool takes care of it as well. Using MailChimp, Sugar CRM users can benefit from email marketing without a lot of hassle.

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