MailChimp Integration with SugarCRM

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In an era where the internet is considered a vital necessity, one can image the impact of email marketing. Email marketing can be very effective and almost all businesses use it in one form or another. Whether it’s bringing new customers on board or re-targeting those who have been with you for years, MailChimp is your ultimate go-to platform to do all of this seamlessly. But take this amazing tool one step further by integrating it with your SugarCRM. By doing this, you can segment your MailChimp subscribers based on your Sugar data and optimize and improve your business from a sales point of view.

Consolidated Target Lists

MailChimp Integration with SugarCRM can help you leverage the extensive data in Sugar to further solidify your target lists in MailChimp and send out offers, discounts, and personalized retargeting in a simple and smooth manner.

Simplified Campaigns

Sugar users also need to run campaigns and for this purpose, target lists have to be created. These target lists can include leads, contacts, and other modules.  Maintaining these lists can be a hectic job. However, the integration of MailChimp with SugarCRM can help simplify this task.

Key Takeaway!

MailChimp integration with SugarCRM can make email marketing a much easier task. MailChimp and SugarCRM contacts can be synced bi-directionally. There is no need to waste time manually exporting and importing data every time you want to run a campaign. MailChimp is a scalable tool and an efficient one that does the work for you behind the scenes. Duplication while syncing the lists can cause problems, but MailChimp tool takes care of it as well. Using MailChimp, SugarCRM users can benefit from email marketing without any hassle.


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