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Marketo is one of the biggest Marketing Automation Platform in the market. With its modular design and a range of different pricing options, it’s an excellent choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It basically serves as a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs with its email marketing, lead management, analytical analysis, social marketing, and reports management features. A Marketo Integration is one of the most sought after custom functionalities that we’ve received over the years.

If you’ve been in business for a fair amount of time, you’d know a single platform or software can’t do justice to your efforts entirely on its own. It’s an age-old rule to never put all your eggs in one basket. When it comes to Marketo or any other Marketing automation platform for that matter, it’s always good to integrate it with a CRM platform. A Marketo CRM Integration with SugarCRM opens a ton of opportunities for your business to track and nurture leads, analyze your audience, and properly gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

How to Integrate Marketo with SugarCRM

It’s fairly easy, you can integrate Marketo with SugarCRM with a Marketo Connector. As the name suggests, the Marketo Connector serves as a connection point between your Marketo platform and SugarCRM. It syncs your Account and Opportunities to Sugar one directionally whereas Contacts and Leads are synced bi-directionally.

It’s true that the Marketo Connector covers a lot of ground in terms of what you might need but it’s always good to go for a number of different modifications and customizations to help you get the most out of a Marketo Integration for your business. We at Rolustech have worked extensively on the Marketo Connector to help organizations reach their true potential with the features and functionalities they need in their Marketo Integration with SugarCRM.

Benefits of Marketo

Marketo is a comprehensive marketing automation platform and as such presents a plethora of features and tools to help you analyze and monitor your customers on a granular level. You can predict the likelihood of a customer exhibiting a certain behavior and use lead scoring to target your efforts on the leads that matter. Marketo also gives you unlimited dimensions to categorize your customers and help your sales and marketing teams make informed decisions.

Marketo lets you use the following for your business.

  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customized Landing Pages

Customization in Marketo Connector

Rolustech has worked on the Marketo Connector extensively and has integrated it for a range of different customers from various different industry verticals. Over the course of this time, our Certified Developers have seen multiple instances where a customer has demanded a certain functionality that was not available in the Marketo Connector by default i.e. changes in the Opportunities Module synchronization or deduplication checks to ensure data quality.

Our Certified SugarCRM Team has leveraged its experience with the Marketo platform to provide the following customizations in the Marketo Connector:

  • Modified Synchronization rules
  • Enhanced Marketo functionality
  • Implement custom business logic
  • View level Customizations
  • Integration of Marketo with multiple business systems
  • Custom Synchronization based on backend rules and logic.
  • In-depth changes on how Marketo Connector behaves with Sugar.

Why You Need a CRM – Marketo Integration

A Marketo Integration with CRM consolidates your efforts and helps you organize your teams for maximum productivity and efficiency. Using the CRM software as a hub for all your data, bi-directionally sync your Leads and Contacts with Marketo, mass update records, and remove duplicates.

Using a CRM Integration with Marketo, you can:

  • Remove time spent on data entry
  • Update contact statuses in real time to leverage this information in designing dependent campaigns & generating reports
  • Increase overall efficiency and productivity

Over to you!

If you’re looking for a Marketo integration with SugarCRM or any other CRM platform, get in touch with us. We can help you integrate your CRM and customize it to meet your exact business requirements. Our SugarCRM Experts are seasoned in the Marketo framework and can help you achieve the functionality and features you need to take your business to the next level.

Rolustech is a SugarCRM and Salesforce Certified Partner firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM Customization and advanced Salesforce Services. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!

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