New Enhancements to ‘Advanced Workflow’ in Sugar 7.9

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SugarCRM provides ‘Advanced Workflow’ to its Enterprise and Ultimate edition customers. The Advanced Workflow gives users the ability to automate complex processes using a process automation engine. Through this automation, users can experience enhanced productivity, apply best practices and effectively manage complex processes in their Sugar.

In the latest release Sugar 7.9, SugarCRM has come up with some enhancements in the Advanced Workflows. The following are the changes being made to the Advanced Workflows.

Let’s visit these briefly:

New Process Triggers

There are new process triggers which are based on:

  • Field changes
  • Field changes from specific values
  • Field changes to specific values
  • Field changes from specific values to specific values

All of these apply to Start Events, Receive Message Events, Gateways, and Business Rules.

Additional Text Field Operators

There are new text field operators added in the latest release. These include:

  • Starts with
  • Ends with
  • Contains
  • Does not contain

These apply to Start Events, Receive Message Events, Gateways, and Business Rules.

Variable Users for Record Assignment

You can now assign a process to the variable users including:

  • User who created the trigger record
  • User who last modified the trigger record

These apply to Add Related Record and Change Field Actions.

Usability Improvements

In the Module Field Evaluation Criteria Box;

  • Module names are added
  • Criteria pills are now movable
  • You can insert criteria based on cursor

With this latest release of Advanced Workflow, SugarCRM has tried to help enterprise-level businesses in exploiting the maximum potential of process automation in Sugar.


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